The Facebook post started by asking how much is a bike worth?

Kenneth Adrian Lazaro Ponce was at his prime. He was turning 21 years old this November 15, 2021 when his life was taken last October 3. Initial reports from Kawit Mdrrmo revealed the following it was a hit-and-run vehicular accident involving a bicycle along Barangay Tabon 1 with the biker having multiple abrasions. This was around 7:39 p.m.

Ken was a recent bike enthusiast. “He just got into it (biking) seriously a little after the start of the pandemic. Riding was his respite from the confines of the lockdowns,” explains Girlie Ponce tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. On October 3, he went home alone for the first time. “He always arrives home around the time of the incident. We messaged him asking where he was but didn’t get a reply, which happens often bec he can’t answer while riding. He always arrived home safely between 10:00 to 11:00 p.m.”

Unfortunately, Ken didn’t make it. Autopsy reports also revealed that Ken had a gun shot wound on his right backside that went straight to his heart while riding his bike. “Probably fleeing for his life,” mom Girlie Ponce assumed. Ken was out that night with his friends to help pack and move out. “I hope that there will be leads, cctv footages found along his route and people to find the courage to step forward with vital information. I know people who have lived along each other can be tight-lipped about possible suspects in such cases. I just hope some will be moved to help regardless of their personal ties with these perpetrators. I also hope that future incidents like this will be avoided and that notorious area will be monitored closely by the authorities and the local government units,” Girlie adds.

The mom-of-five is heartbroken. “Ken was the life of our house because of his loud laughs and noisy ways. He is the official manghihilot and runner of his Daddy. He is the makulit, malikot, and magulong brother to his siblings. And to me, Ken was the mapang-asar and mapang-lapastangan joker who makes me smile inside while hiding it under the guise of naaasar na mom. Ken was my guitar accompaniment when I sing along and critique his impromptu guitar practice sessions. Ken was my favorite pimple popping victim when he asks me to scratch his back and we end up searching for hidden whiteheads along his long, slim back. Ken was my kitchen helper, all-around assistant, dog caregiver and Netflix movie and series guide. The son who squeezes his way beside me on the sofa or bed. The son who slept beside me Saturday night before riding out for his last Sunday adventure.”

Ken saved up for his bike. “To my son Kenneth, i’s worth months of endless surfing for good deals for the perfect part he wants. It’s worth every peso from his allowance in assisting his dad in delivering our sideline bread business. It’s worth saving the monetary gifts he got for Christmas, birthdays, and extra lambing-kay-mommy for little dole outs to fund the upgrades he plans to get. It’s worth the tireless days of putting these parts all together, then testing the ride, then adjusting screws and bolts again for the perfect and safe feel he wants on his bike. To Kenneth’s friends, it’s worth the excitement of planning their rides, getting permission and embarking on the endless pedaling towards their destination. Not counting the miles, but rather, counting the laughter, fun, and camaraderie they shared together, captured in timeless videos and pictures that will last them a lifetime.”

“To me, my husband and Ken’s three brothers and one and only sister, this bike is priceless. It`s worth the life of our beloved, funny, adventurous, mischievous, over-active, interactive son, Kenneth Adrian Lazaro Ponce. The basketball star KD to his basketball teammates. The ride instigator to his biker friends and ride buddies.”

She ends the post, “How much will a thief and murderer sell this bike for? Selling it as is for P50,000? Selling it as parts for probably P5,000 more? Is that how much a life of a 20-year-old beloved son, loving brother, loyal friend, and faithful servant worth nowadays? Who is this person selling it for? For himself or to feed his family? For a short shot of pleasure at a whole family and community`s expense? After knowing all these, let me ask you again. How much is this bike really worth?”

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