The fashion design puts the Happy in “Happy Halloween” this season

Aside from being the spooky season, Halloween offers a chance for everyone to do dramatic transformations. It is that time of the year when everyone gets a little theatrical, putting on costumes of gore and fantasy, even embodying a full-on character for a night scare and treats. Sadly, with the continuous safety protocols that are happening in the Philippines due to the pandemic, it is likely that we will be celebrating Halloween apart again. No parties, no trick or treats, just at-home chilling with horror and thriller films playing on the screen. But that doesn’t mean that costumes and transformations are already out of the window. And for one fashion designer, Halloween is still a go with her special beauty looks.

For the second time, fashion designer Happy Andrada is taking on the Halloween Makeup Challenge to bring joy and keep the season’s tradition alive online.

“Halloween is my fave time of the year, we get to dress up, have fun, and celebrate with family and friends. But now being in a pandemic, Halloween is kind of canceled,” Happy tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “I decided to still have fun, to get creative—crafting different looks and at the same time use my skills as a makeup artist.”

While she is known for being a noted fashion designer, who studied design at the premier Central Saint Martins in London, Happy also took up professional makeup artistry at The London School of Beauty and Makeup. This helped her create beauty transformations that are just out of this world.

Last year, Happy works centered on iconic characters such as Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Snow White and the Evil Queen disguised as an old witch, and the masked anarchist in “V for Vendetta.” This time, the fashion designer highlights Philippine culture in her works, from folklore-themed looks to ones celebrating local festivities and personalities.

“In making the makeup transformations, I make sure that I create something different, or if I do get inspired by another makeup look, I would add my own twist to it,” she muses. “For this makeup challenge, I chose to do all Philippine-inspired, away from cliché characters this year and focus more on our culture. With this, I get to learn more and share about Philippine festivities, mythology, and so much more.”

What she did so far features themes like sirena (mermaid), nuno sa punso (dwarf-like nature spirit), and Mangechay or Mangacha, an elder that is said to be the creator of the heavens. Deviating from folkloric characters are her Higantes Festival- and Jose Rizal-inspired looks.

“The hardest part is always the start of the makeup challenges, you always start iffy and doubt yourself,” Happy says about her transformation. “At the end of the day, you realize it’s just for fun and there’s no one stopping you or judging you but you, keep going.”

See more of her beauty transformations at on Instagram.

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