The anthemic banger presents verses that blur the boundaries between gangsta rap and contemporary urban music.

Hip-hop and rap are more than just contemporary musical genres. They have both become cultural movements with iconic artists and followers who are rebellious, brave, and bring chaos in a rhythmic pattern that speaks the language of the street, the heartbeat of the masses. And both continue to influence many of today’s artform and discourse, from beatboxing to 2010’s FlipTop battle.

To introduce new sound and substance to hip-hop and rap, veteran and rising Filipino hip-hop artists join forces to create the single, “Puso at Diskarte.” The first single off record label Def Jam Philippines’ second compilation EP, “RHAPSODICITY,” the track features artists Astro of Owfuck, Zargon, Honcho of Ex-Battalion, Dcoy (Wakin Burdado) of Madd Poets, Mike Kosa of 187 Mobstaz, Pricetagg and Layzie Fu of 4 East Flava on the same page—each offering distinct expertise and star power to the mix.

“With the help of Dcoy, we’ve messaged them one by one, and explained to them the vision behind the project,” Allan Mitchell “Daddy A” Silonga, A&R senior manager of Def Jam Philippines. “We’ve always wanted to foster dream collaborations that push the envelope in terms of artistry and impact, and produce an iconic music video to complement the bigness of the idea. ‘Puso At Diskarte’ not only shines the spotlight on grander themes in hip-hop, but also elevates it as an art form and a cultural force.”

Setting the bar high for hip-hop collaborations, and massive, titanium-grade beats, the anthemic banger, produced by Curssebox, presents verses that blur the boundaries between gangsta rap and contemporary urban music.

According to the label, the all-star collab track documents the struggles of every hip-hop artist involved in the project and how they managed to survive the odds through determination, commitment, and hard work. All the participating artists penned their parts, with Daddy A co-writing some of the verses and the bridge. This exchange of ideas resulted in a compelling rap tune that fosters a sense of community and teamwork, honoring what Def Jam stands for in the first place both as a label and as a pioneering hip-hop dynamo.

Puso At Diskarte” track serves as the maiden track off Def Jam Philippines’ collaborative EP, RHAPSODICITY, which is touted as a “lyrical EP.” The upcoming compilation will also feature tracks such as the propulsive jam “Lahing Maangas,” the lyrical heavyweight “Diversity,” the future smash “Lakbay,” and the Pino G.-produced “Epic.”

“This EP will be remembered because of the lineup of artists and their collaborators,” Daddy A says. “It’s really a miracle especially during this pandemic to put together a massive EP like this. This is gonna be epic!”

Listen to “Puso At Diskartehere.

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