‘Body shaming in any way, directly or indirectly, is not right.’

Fashion’s landscape, both local and international, has changed in the past years. The industry has been thinking of ways to make its operation more circular and sustainable. Indigenous designs are now reimagined and reintroduced. Most important of all, fashion has become more inclusive. From blurring lines between gender in dressing to supporting underrepresented groups, fashion has made a memo to include all in its world. After all, style is a means of self expression. And giving everybody options to put on their body is an essential step the industry is taking for everyone.

Among the many inclusive initiative brands and designers are pushing is body positivity. Gone are the days when a size two is the only size fit for fashion. There are now a multitude of brands and labels that celebrate everyone’s curves and proportions that seeing one with a backward attitude about it leaves a bad impression on many.

The latest to experience that kind of body shaming is netizen Karen Uy after receiving an ill-fitting dress from Nola PH. Making the situation even worse, she got a rude reply saying, “if you are too fat for the dress, please do not order, so our time won’t be wasted.” She shared snaps of their conversation on social media, which gained numerous responses among netizens including model and former Binibining Pilipinas candidate Anne Barker.

“Asking people to not waste your time if they are too fat for your clothes is just beyond human. I applaud your shitty customer service and owners who find this [behavior acceptable],” Karen said in a now viral post. “I posted this to help warn people about false advertising and to make people understand that body shaming in any way, directly or indirectly, is not right.”

In the series of images, Karen presented her issues with the finished product, from puckering zipper to uneven seams. According to her, she is an inch smaller compared to the brand’s model size, and was asked to give additional payment for alterations.

Photo from Karen Uy’s Facebook page
Photo from Karen Uy’s Facebook page

Nola PH has acknowledged her complaints and released a statement about the issue and is currently investigating the situation.

“The staff concerned is also a partner of this co-owned business. He apologized to Ms. Karen, and deeply [regretted] his actions, which affected the entire team behind this brand, who worked hard for over a year to manage and operate this business,” it says.

“After careful review of the situation and in consideration of other people’s livelihood, Nola PH decided to resume the business under new management, severing business ties with the staff/co-owner involved,” the brand continued. “Again, we at Nola PH, on behalf of our former staff, acknowledge our mistake and sincerely apologize to all of you.

Nola PH’s complete statement

Nola PH is known for its custom made sheath dress in varying shades of pastels and nude. Currently, its Instagram page is in private.

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