Get your dream sleep in style with The Mooie Life

Sleep is something we are deprived of in our pre-pandemic times. It is always because of the hustle culture, and if it is not, it is the due to the pressure or doing more or the urge to see and experience more. While COVID-19 has slowed things down, getting a good night’s sleep still proves to be a challenge to many.

Catnip in dusk; Bum in siesta

Believe it or not, much like many things in life, you can dress your way to a better slumber by wearing good pajamas. Although experts have attested to the benefits of sleeping sans nightwear, wearing pajamas while dozing off has its upside, too, that even goes beyond the four corners of the bedroom.

On a mission to provide chic nightwear that works wonders whether you are asleep or not is Filipino-Dutch brand, The Mooie Life. Launched last May 30, 2021, the luxury sleepwear brand brings ultra-stylish and comfy PJs that are a much welcome sight for anyone staying at home all day.

Fun and unique, its first collection is inspired by Dutch minimalistic designs and wit. Sustainability is also a big part of its operation, according to the brand. Among its ethical actions include locally sourced production methods and eco-friendly packaging made from reusable boxes and cassava parcels.

In a conversation with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, the brand shares more about its story, how its pajamas can improve your sleep, and how you can wear them even off bed.

What is the story of the Mooie Life?

The Mooie Life started during the pandemic with three people—a law student, an IT grad, and a language trainer. Anxious and exhausted from the uncertainty of the times, we realized that we could only ever control so little of our lives. We all started new lifestyle habits—working out more regularly, eating healthier, redecorating our spaces, and fixing our messy sleep cycle. It sparked something in us and we finally decided to start a lifestyle brand that champions minimalism, smart technology, and sustainability.

Do you guys have a background in fashion and entrepreneurship?

Only one of us has a background in entrepreneurship and e-commerce. Everything else we tried so far we learned in the process and through self-study.

Why pajamas?

We wanted to start with the pressing problem that we identified with the most—lack of quality sleep. As busy 20-somethings, sleep is the thing that is often compromised. We came up with a simple but smart solution for it: witty luxury pajamas that would signal your brain to relax and doze off.

Cuddle midnight

What sets your brand among other sleepwear brands?

We’re the only truly local brand dedicated to finding the right technology and the right amount of flair in our designs to bring everyone their dream sleep. Not to mention our furry friends-inspired designs are exclusive to our brand!

Let’s talk about your products. Who created the design of the PJs?

For the design of the pajamas itself, we chose the classic look that everyone already loves and just made sure we elevated the fabric and the prints.

For the fabric, we chose 22 Momme pure mulberry silk, which has remarkable differences from the silk-polyester blend pajamas available in the Philippine market. Not only does it drape better on the skin, but it is also very sturdy and will not easily wear and tear from everyday use. It is also organic and is perfect for those looking for hypoallergenic materials.

Catnip in siesta

For our prints, we collaborated with up-and-coming illustrator Ianna Rallonza. We only told her we wanted pets on pajamas, told her about our brand, and gave her total artistic freedom. We changed colors here and there to make the designs more minimalist. After weeks of discussion, we came up with the crowd favorites we have right now: Bum, Cuddle, and Catnip.

What style advice would you give to anyone who would like to wear it outside the bedroom?

To elevate your pajamas and take it outside of the bedroom, go for the right accessories. For our Midnight (black) jammies, for example, we recommend wearing gold jewelry, a tiny black sling bag, and black sunnies. Opt for casual dress shoes such as loafers and you’ll just look stylishly expensive.

White sneakers and chunky accessories are best for our white designs. Comedian and influencer Ashley Rivera actually set this trend by wearing our Bum in Siesta (white) set with white sneakers, a black mask, and a high ponytail. We were stunned.

What do you hope your brand will bring to your customers?

Other than being a great addition to our customer’s wardrobe, we really hope that our customers would be inspired to prioritize quality sleep. As professionals in this ever-changing world, good sleep is hard to come by but we believe that it deserves as much attention and investment as other aspects of our life. With great sleep, everything else comes together.

Know more about the Mooie Life at or @themooielife on Instagram.

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