A deep-dive with Director Svetlana Cvetko and the cast

Lead actors Neyssan Falahi, Cristina Rambaldi, and Mattia Minasi

In a richly filmed, sensual, black-and-white Los Angeles, “Show Me What You Got” follows three individuals as they form a wholehearted ménage à trois, finding joy together through joining political protests, making art, and falling deeper into their unconventional love—that is, until one of them had to return to Italy, which threatens the delicate balance of their relationship, in this film that sparks with the restless energy of the “French New Wave.”

Renowned cinematographer turned director Svetlana Cvetko adeptly captures this love affair with a modern “Jules et Jim” flair, combining tenderness, artistry, and three fresh and appealing leads.

Svetlana said in a statement, “I wanted to make a film about love, friendship, and sexuality among three people with the social currents of the times we live in today. Performing as both director and director of photography, I tried to create a sense of living realism where the environments, as much as the performances, seep into our awareness and shape our emotions. I wanted the camera to feel like another character experiencing an intimacy with the actors, but also have an omnipotent perspective that steps back at some moments, guiding the audience along on this journey through an unpredictable reality. Our characters live in a film world that breaks the traditional rules of filmmaking to accompany their spirit of rebelling against social norms.”

The film exhibits drama, romance, and polyamory with lead cast Cristina Rambaldi as Christine di Carlo, Neyssan Falahi as Nassim Jafari, and Mattia Minasi as Marcello. They shared their insights about their characters and the message that the film is trying to put across.

An Italian-born actress, Cristina is the granddaughter of Oscar-winning creature designer, Carlo Rambaldi, known for his work on E.T. and Alien. Trained initially in contemporary dance and ballet at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, she has starred in award winning short films and appeared on a variety of international TV shows

Italian actress Cristina shared her thoughts about her character, saying, “Some might think of Christine as simply lighthearted or fun, but she has a deep and quiet strength that has infected my own life. In the end, she’s the leader. She’s the one that holds their relationship together. She will find her own unique way to deal with whatever life throws at her. I admire that.”

Born in Switzerland to Austrian and Iranian immigrants, Neyssan is a graduate of the Stella Adler Studio of Acting whose range spans from Shakespeare to TV and art house films

“My favorite scene in the film is when Nassim teaches acting exercises to refugees. I have led acting workshops with inmates in U.S. prisons and I find that work so rewarding. It is great to see that kind of experience expressed on screen. I could see how it would change Nassim’s life. It changed my life,” Switzerland-born actor Neyssan Falahi mentioned.

This is Mattia Minasi’s breakthrough leading role in a feature film

Mattia Minasi voiced out the impact that his character has made, stating, “I love that Marcello’s journey with these two people takes him to a new place. He discovers who he is, faces his responsibilities, and steps into his own skin. The role attracted me from the very beginning, Marcello taught me a lot about myself.”

The film has already garnered a handful of awards and recognitions, some of which are:

Winner Grand Jury Prize “Best Film” at Taormina Film Festival
Winner Best International Film at Terra Di Siena

Audience Award “Best of Fest” at High Falls Women’s Film Festival

Winner Best Cinematography at High Falls Women’s Film Festival
Winner Best Cinematography at Santa Fe Film Festival
Winner Best Supporting Actress at Loudoun Arts Film Festival
Winner Best Cinematography at Loudoun Arts Film Festival

Best of the Fest Grand Jury Prize at San Antonio Film Festival

Nominated Best Emerging Director at St. Louis Int’l Film Festival
Nominated Best Narrative Film at Loudoun Arts Film Festival
Director Svetlana Cvetko

When asked what influenced the fruition of the film, Svetlana answered, “This film addresses issues of acceptance, which is incredibly important to me. Acceptance of immigrants, of questioning, of expanding love beyond current boundaries, acceptance of who you love and who you are. There’s a second layer that made me want to make this film, which has to do with empowerment in the way that women and men are interacting today.”

“Christine’s character is a strong, empowered young woman. She setup rules of engagement that work for her. She’s heard and respected, she also respects her own body and is comfortable in her skin. She’s a woman who knows how to say no, but also knows when she’s secure enough to say yes as well. She chooses to be in this relationship, as unconventional as it is, knowing that, at this time in her life, it is what she wants and needs,” she added.

Director Svetlana Cvetko also mentioned her experience behind the scenes with her crew. “I was struck by how many people so far have come up to me, including members of our crew, and privately shared that they are in polyamorous relationships, too. Some of them are long term relationships. I find it interesting how people are still afraid to admit or be accepting of polyamory. I think it’s beautiful that our characters, for this moment in time, accept the love that they have found, and live it to the fullest.”

Curious to see the film? It is already available for viewing on GMovies, in collaboration with UPSTREAM.ph

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