Advocates skin check and sunscreen

Having been treated at least four times on basal cell carcinoma, the 52-year-old actor Hugh Jackman seems to be taking it all in stride as he underwent a skin biopsy earlier this week. This was when his doctor noticed a bump on his nose.

According to mayoclinic, basal cell carcinona is a type of skin cancer that “begins in the basal cells—a type of cell within the skin that produces new skin cells as old ones die off. Basal cell carcinoma often appears as a slightly transparent bump on the skin, though it can take other forms.”

He posted an updated just a few hours ago over on his Twitter account, “Thank you everyone for your support. I got so much support for the biopsy I just had, so I promised I would keep you updated. It actually came back inconclusive which means they didn’t quite take enough because I am about to start filming and I didn’t want to go too deep.”

They’re not that worried. what did come back makes them not worried. If it’s anything, it’s a basal cell carcinoma. Not threatening, really, but it needs to be taken cared of. I’m going to have the biopsy when I finish filming on about two months and I’ll let you all know. I’ll keep you updated.”

He ends his post by stressing to “wear sunscreen, get a skin check whenever you can.” Reminders he keeps on repeating, even in his tweets.

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