Wil bests 10 finalists from around the world

Stills from Wil Dasovich’s vlog

Renowned travel vlogger Wil Dasovich announced on his Facebook page today, July 16, 2021, that he won at the Vlogfest Malta 2021. He added that it’s the first award he ever got with a cash prize of $30,000.

Wil Dasovich

“I’m gratified through the roof to be casted in this creative group of filmmakers who were all able to showcase this lesser known gem of the Mediterranean in their own customized way of storytelling,” Wil wrote.

Known for his narrative or a day-in-the-life style vlogs, Wil created a four-minute music-video-style travel video showing snippets of his Malta adventure with his family and friends.

Online votes helped Wil’s video emerge at the top. But it’s undeniable that his entry deserves recognition.

Wil’s captivating footages were enough to tempt travelers to visit the Mediterranean island. He presented the island’s jaw-dropping sites in different camera angles and framings, which he then stitched with creative transitions, all synced with cinematic upbeat instrumental music.

His clips with slow motion and time-lapse effects were also impressive. The scene where he suspends in the air while in a kungfu-like position can leave you in awe. Hanging in that Matrix-esque pose, he rotated 360 degrees as his background flashes different spots in Malta.

Still from Wil’s winning vlog about Malta

His script and delivery of it are equally captivating. Wil didn’t even mention anything about Malta but, instead, shared insights on how important breaking routine through traveling is. “And there’s nothing can flip my organized world upside down than throwing myself into a place I know nothing about,” he says, delivering one of the most empathic lines in his video, “Routine is the backbone of a productive life. But, it must constantly be broken and restructured in order to remember its importance.”

Wil and his companions broke their routinary life for five days to come up with the amazing vlog. Indeed, the video shots, the editing, the musical scoring, the script—its entire audio-visual presentation—deserve a standing ovation.

Taking a time out to enjoy the beauty of Malta

The Youtuber commended the organizers in handling the event. According to him that’s how should tourism campaign should be done. “Give vloggers a car, food, place to sleep, and trust them to choose what they want to do/learn about the country and let them loose! No call times, no rules, just make a cool video and have fun with it cuz that experience and camaraderie will translate through the video!” he stressed.

VlogFest is a video competition that selects video creators from across the world to experience at their own pace an authentic traveling in their chosen country host to come up with an exciting and innovative content for destination marketing.

Check out Wil’s winning vlog below.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/07/16/wil-dasovichs-video-wins-vlogfest-malta-2021/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=wil-dasovichs-video-wins-vlogfest-malta-2021)