Hong Kong-based Filipino jeweler Mirabel Rosar reimagines the classic Golden South Sea Pearl

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Arao is a fine jewelry brand dedicated to creating modern classics. The brand reimagines South Sea pearls into understated yet chic pieces.

Designs are envisioned to highlight the natural beauty of the Golden South Sea Pearl. They also draw from various aspects of contemporary lifestyles—travel, wellness, art, beauty, design. Informed by everyday experiences, fine jewelry by Arao are versatile, effortlessly chic, and nonchalantly luxe. They grow, evolve, and become one with the wearer through various stages of a life. The pieces are definitely not your grandmother’s pearls, but they could just as well be future heirloom classics.

Sustainability is at the core of Arao. The brand creates enduring jewelry that shines light on wearer, planet, and people in communities. Pearls are ethically sourced from a sustainable pearl farm in Palawan, Philippines. They are committed to a no-waste mantra, working only with organic materials. Packaging has likewise been modified to reduce excessive waste. Boxes are made using only upcycled or recyclable materials and sent out with minimal to zero tissues or plastics.

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The Arao team also commits a portion of their sales to supporting The Philippines Foundation (TPF), a non-profit organization that endeavors to educate mothers and children on ways to leave a positive impact on the planet. TPF also devotes much of its efforts to the restoration of coral reefs and mangroves. Since launching in 2020, Arao has been steadfast in supporting this cause.

Arao was founded by marketing ingénue, Mirabel Rosar. After having lived in Switzerland and Australia, the Philippine-born young mother relocated to Hong Kong with her family. A new home in a thriving city along majestic harbors inspired her to finally pursue her love for jewelry design.

Mirabel was immediately inclined to highlight the superb quality, impeccable beauty, and unrivaled elegance of Golden South Sea Pearls from her mother country. The distinct luster, hues, and imperfectly perfect shapes of pearls from the Philippines became take off points for Mirabel’s collections of modern classics.

In the same manner that jewelry is empowering for its wearer, Arao believes in creating pieces and a safe space that encourage women to shine their light.

The female-led brand connects inspiring women across industries through an ongoing blog feature called Women of Pearls. The idea was to tell enlightening stories with emphasis on authenticity, finding balance, purpose, and, of course, shining one’s light.

Like pearls, each story is unique. At its core, a shared spirit for celebrating perfect imperfections and women uplifting other women. These are the core values at Arao reflected through its jewelry and the growing circle of women it celebrates.

The very same Women of Pearls inspired the newest collection from Arao—Paradox. It was through shared narratives and the founder’s very own journey that the label created a collection of modern classics celebrating the many phases and seasons in a life.

“I love the outdoors. I surf with my husband and I also hike. Love for water and earth explains why my commitment towards sustainability runs deep,” says Mirabel, who also knows that the most precious pieces of jewelry are those that are worn, not locked up in vaults. Her unique take on everyday luxury emphasizes a belief that, “We can choose to be grateful each day for everyday luxuries—a comfortable bed, the warmth of sunshine in the morning, fresh air, and of course, a pair of pearl earrings.”

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Paradox, Arao’s spring/summer 2021 collection of fine jewelry made of South Sea Pearls, is a celebration of contrasts. It highlights universal polarities and embraces the human experience of a paradox.

Paradox brings together polar opposites. It forges two worlds—ocean and earth—to create a collection of modern classics. Natural and organically harvested South Sea pearls from the ocean meet symmetric and polished precious metals gems from the earth.

Paradox, Arao’s spring/summer 2021 collection of fine jewelry made of South Sea Pearls, is a celebration of contrasts. It highlights universal polarities and embraces the human experience of a paradox.

In the Raw and Polished line of Paradox, the queen of gems, borne out of the depths of the ocean, is made rare and priceless by its slight variations or imperfections made by nature.


The first paradox combines these imperfectly perfect game with fine stones—diamonds, emeralds, citrine. Emerging from the depths of the earth, they are cut and polished by hand to perfection.

The second Paradox line, Forged and Born, explores the contrasts of fire and water. Pearls are combined with forged gold, creating a play in proportion and symmetry. It is a celebration of the human experience. Some seasons are cold, others warm. There are moments filled with silence, others with sound.

In Movement and Stillness, the third Paradox, acknowledges the reality that some days we stay still and on others, we move. This line combines stunning champagne baroque pearls with dancing diamonds. It captures the natural luster of pearls made brighter by sparkle of gems. This piece also reflects Arao’s distinct design approach, where even formal pieces maybe easily work with a casual ensemble.

A Hong Kong-based fine jewelry brand, Arao is available online via www.thearaolife.com. Email at team@thearaolife.com or contact +852 95411311.

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