He clears the air regarding the public’s assumptions

Robin Padilla’s interview by Ogie Diaz has sparked many conversations online and offline, even his wife Mariel Rodriguez was triggered by one of the most talked about lines—”Hindi ako naniniwala na merong lalake na makakatangi sa tukso (I don’t believe there are men who can resist temptation).”

This scene was the intro of Mariel Rodriguez’ recent vlog and she proceeded by taking out all of her husband’s arnis weapons and gear that were tucked away for years. Then she dragged a whole crate with her and knocked on the door and challenged Robin to an evening of training. Little did her husband know that it wasn’t the usual training. Only she could hit him while he defends himself.

She thought of warming up Robin and this “confrontational” episode with some training, and then they proceeded to sit down and talk about their future. They started talking about their future in the next five and ten years to which Robin wishes for a quiet life and to live abroad in the future.

Mariel then moved on to the topic of “tukso” or temptation, “Hindi ka naniniwala na ang lalake, nakaka-resist sa tukso?” He explained that he was referring to his own experience when he was the most popular. Mariel asked again, “So you’re saying it’s in the past?” Robin replied that it is in the past, of course.

Hindi ipinagyayabang ang nagigiging loyal. Ang pagiging loyal ay hindi sinasabi, ginagawa siya,” explains Robin. “Ang tukso, realided yan.” Mariel, like most curious wives, asked Robin if within the 11 years that they’ve been together, was there any instance that he was ever tempted?

Robin jokingly mentioned how he gets to watch women walk by while Mariel shopped, particularly in Russia where Robin didn’t mind waiting for Mariel to shop because of all the pretty women walking around. Mariel wasn’t too happy with this though that she didn’t get to shop and decided to leave the venue.

Hindi lahat ng tukso ibig sabihin you fell for it. Intindihin nila muna bago nila huhusgasan. Yun iba, hindi naman nila pinanuod yun buong interview. Buti sana kung clip, minsan caption lang, binanatan nyo na ako ng sobra sobra. (Not all tempatations mean you fell for it. Understand first before you judge. Some people didn’t even get to watch the whole interview, but, sometimes, it takes only a caption for you to attack me.)” Robin explained. “Hindi porket sinabi natukso ka, may ginawa ka na. Ang sama naman magisip ng mga yun. (Just because you say you got tempted, it doesn’t mean you did something about it. For you to assume something bad is just evil).”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/07/22/watch-mariel-rodriguez-gives-robin-padilla-a-chance-to-explain/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=watch-mariel-rodriguez-gives-robin-padilla-a-chance-to-explain)