And these nurses invite them to dance

Going viral the past few days is a pregnant woman dancing on a TikTok video with two nurses. The caption notes that she is dilating at 7cm. Though game to dance, she is trying her best to join while in labor. With over 14,000 comments, netizens couldn’t help but put humor into the pregnant woman’s predicament.


Another Momshie In Pain 7cm😊JRV Centennial Medical & Lying In Clinic @tabi.marvz

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Upon further checking, we discovered that the hospital nurses have been inviting their patients to join them as they danced through the dilation and eventually give birth. Carmen Cida Bautista, the owner of the TikTok account, shares more videos of women dancing while waiting to give birth.


With so many posts of hers going viral, many have been wondering where this establishment is, to which they replied through a post, “JRV Centennial Medical & Lying In Clinic, Block 17 Kenneth Dulo, Sta. Ana Arenda Taytay, Rizal. See you!”


Reply to @maeanndemocer 🥰JRV Centennial Medical & Lying In Clinic BLK 17 Kenneth Dulo Sta Ana Arenda Taytay Rizal (beside REALMED Pharmacy) See you😇

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Here are some of the comments:

Dancing is believed to help induce labor or, at least, shorten the labor duration and hasten the birthing experience. The nurses at this hospital did more than just that and even danced with their patients to make their stay at the hospital a little bit better.

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