Missing the flavors of the world due to the pandemic? Let’s take that culinary journey close to home. You can put aside your passport for now and go on a gastronomic world tour instead at Sofitel’s Spiral buffet. The hotel is located at the CCP Complex in Pasay City.

Go for the flavorful taste. Eat food that you miss having since the pandemic started. Don’t be pressured to eat and sample everything. Just come hungry and enjoy the quality food over quantity.

Traveling with your taste buds

Spiral offers over 350 international dishes spread on its 21 ateliers. An atelier in France is an artist’s special workshop and in Spiral, it is where your favorite dishes are made right before your eyes. Just ask the chef to prepare the dish that you want, what ingredients you prefer, and it will be made for you. You don’t even have to wait that long.

Walk the entire restaurant as you travel gastronomically and indulge in 21 ways. Choices are l’écailler, sushi and sashimi, l’épicerie, hot Japanese, French stove, rotisserie, wood fired oven, churrasco, North Indian, Asian noodles, Peking duck oven, steam basket, Chinese wok, Filipino, Thai, Korean, la boulangerie, la patisserie, chocolaterie and creamery.

This is a refreshing experience that removes the rust from the limiting lockdowns. A taste of European and Asian cuisine welcomes you along with the Filipino hospitality that the Philippines is known for.

We would suggest that you do a walk around first and decide what to get for round one of this buffet experience. See how many rounds you can do and enjoy. Just take your time, savor each dish, and take in the culinary art that surrounds you.

Not sure what beverage to take? You can ask the restaurant’s wine stewards for suggestions. They are very helpful and accommodating. Coffee always sounds good after lunch or dinner.

Choose your wine

Guests do come back because of the utmost luxury service and consistent excellent quality food.

Spiral also expanded the menu at the Filipino Atelier, showcasing regional specialties that may be new to both local and foreign guests. It has become one of the most popular stations especially to foreigners who are curious to try local delicacies and always excited when lechon is served!

The most popular atelier is L’Epecerie which is the cheese room. With more than 200 different types of cheese, it is a great opportunity to taste which ones you like. Some are even produced locally. There are also a lot of choices for butter that go very well with their freshly made breads. You can also add various cold cuts to your cheese platter.

Over 200 cheese selections at the cheese room.

Insider tip

Ask someone from the Central Market section about the day’s secret menu. They should have the information and point you toward the right atelier. The menu changes every day and shifts from one atelier to the other. The secret menu keeps the chef’s creative juices flowing.

The Central Market is where you can ask about the day’s secret menu.
The secret menu of the day is shrimp tofu.

The experience

Aside from the sumptuous meals, the restaurant also offers a view of Manila Bay and there is also a bar close to the bay. Guests can walk around, take pictures, and enjoy the sunset. Prices vary depending on the day and if you’ll have the free-flowing champagne on weekends.

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