‘Style knows no boundaries—and neither should we’

“Pose” star and activist Indya Moore has never been shy in voicing out her initiatives to create change. This time, she is wearing her causes on her sleeves with a capsule collection with American fashion label Tommy Hilfiger that is all about inclusivity and breaking the boundaries of clothing.

“Style knows no boundaries—and neither should we,” the brand says. “That’s why we have teamed up with actor Indya Moore to co-create a capsule of universal pieces designed without gender in mind.”

Indya Moore and Tommy Hilfiger’s collaboration collection

Launched last July 13, 2021, the Tommy x Indya collection features pieces that play with non-conformist silhouettes and ’90s nostalgia. From oversized menswear, sequinned top, and basketball shorts to bucket hats, unisex intimate wear, and bandeau with the actress’ signature, individuals of any size, style, and preference will have something to love about the collection.

To amplify the collection’s contemporary vibe and its mission, Indya together with other activists head on to the Bronx in New York to do a campaign shot by Myles Loftin. The collection is also in support of People’s Place Program, an initiative empowering creators from under-represented communities.

Photo from Tommy Hilfiger
Photo from Tommy Hilfiger

“The People’s Place Program is a cornerstone in our efforts to open the door to everyone who has been left out by fashion,” designer Tommy Hilfiger says. “With our Tommy x Indya capsule collaboration, we are truly embodying these values at the core of our platform.”

Indya Moore

“This capsule goes beyond great style,” Indya says. “It breaks a cycle and sets a new standard across the industry. Too many people are made to feel that something is wrong with them just for being themselves. It means everything to me to know that with our capsule, no one is made to feel wrong or different or broken. Everyone works perfectly for this collection, no matter who they are.”

See the full collection here.

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