Illustrator and designer Raxenne Maniquiz’s art can now be seen on your favorite lipstick tube

Global beauty brand MAC Cosmetics highlights the artworks of Filipino illustrator Raxenne Maniquiz on its latest lipstick line Wander.Lust, which is inspired by 21 cities around Asia.

MAC Wander.Lust line featuring Raxenne’s designs

Philippine flora and fauna fanatics would definitely know the works of Raxenne. One of her famous is the “Rafflesiaceae of the Philippines,” mapping the 13 species of rafflesia flower in the country.

For her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, the artist dreamed of the Philippines and its neighboring nations in creating designs for the line’s lipstick tubes representing diverse cities across Asia—from Bangkok to Bali and Hanoi. Each city lipstick has a unique color, too.

“This project was crazy challenging! I had to think of so many patterns for a lot of cities,” Raxenne posted. “There’s also the responsibility of representing each city right. I’ve only ever been to a few of them so I was really anxious. I have the marketing teams to thank!”

For the Philippines, Raxenne crafted three designs mirroring the beauty of Manila, Cebu, and Davao cities. Manila has a colorful urban vibe. It’s all about the tropics with Cebu’s beachside design. While Davao centers on the exotic with the waling-waling flower, cacao, and durian.

“Ruby Woo was my first-ever lipstick and this feels like a full circle moment,” Raxenne says.

MAC Wander.Lust is now available at its flagship store in Lazada.

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