Chocoholics alert! World Chocolate Day is this Wednesday, July 7, 2021. And if you recall how back in 2019, S Maison and Auro Chocolate came up with a truly delicious and successful Chocolate Fair; well, the good news is that after a hiatus in 2020, the Chocolate Fair is back with a vengeance. With more purveyors and customized treats that we can feast on, it’s time to throw away your diets–think sugar rush–and just bask in all this chocolate glory from July 7 to 11, 2021.

The Chocolate Fair 2021 edition has the following established and popular purveyors using the high quality Auro chocolate as an ingredient in the special items they’ve come up with for the festival:

Poison Doughnuts: There are six specially created Auro treats, but I know some friends are out to get the Milk Chocolate Doritos; doughnuts topped with nacho cheese Doritos and coated with Auro 42 percent Milk Chocolate glazed.

Overdoughs: These are palm-sized cookies, from Choco Chunk Brookies, to White Chocolate Cashew Butter, and Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate.

Half Saints: There’s a Spicy Chocolate and Beef Kare Pan, to a Dark Chocolate Tart with Himalayan Pink Salt; plus a spread that’s rechristened the Triple Auro Chocolate Fudge, Salted Caramel, and Almond Schmear.

Conrad Manila: Biscotti, Cherry cake in a can, and Truffle Bon-Bon’s. Keeping it simple and choco-delightful.

Serenitea: Offering specialty brews, such as Cacao Frost, Cacao Cookie Supreme, and more. Can already see all the kids with chocolate mustaches after dipping into these drinks.

Mary Grace: There’s a special Dark Chocolate Cheesecake, with Almond Chocolate Bark and Orange Cream.

Lola Cafe: A delectable Auro Tsokolate Cake, and Strawberry and Chocolate Waffle with Creme Fraiche and Toasted Coconut.

Pinkberry: A 77 percent Dark Chocolate Froyo that’s rich and nutty.

Bubu Bars: These are vegan ice cream chocolate bars; one flavored with bananas and caramel, one with strawberries, and one with bourbon vanilla, caramel, and almond.

Kultura/Auro: It’s a full array of the regular Auro Chocolate Bars at Kultura, and at Auro, the special Limited Editions that Auro has come up with. This will include the Lesley Mobo collection, and the Chocolate Coins.

There’s even a special delivery promo, with personalized tags, and free delivery for minimum purchases. And the WCF 2021 Giveaway rewards the best Instagram post during the fair. There’s a bunch of tags to be made, but the biggie is the hashtag #smaisonxaurochocolatefair; and get the chance to be one of only two winners. The two winners will get a special gift from each of the following amazing WCF partners: the Lesley Mobo Collection, Overdoughs, Poison Doughnuts, Bubu Bars, Mary Grace, Serenitea, and Lola Cafe.

So if you love chocolates and are looking for something different to indulge in this year, you now know where to head to – or what to order and book. Either way, it looks like chocolate heaven is just around the corner!

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