Here’s something for your fried chicken feasting today

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For many Filipinos, nothing says comfort food more than a fried chicken. Apart from the beloved adobo, deep fried is among the best ways to enjoy chicken (sorry, tinola lovers). It is a staple in many Pinoy celebrations, from birthday parties and weddings to reunions even on game nights. Admit it, a party is not really a party without it. And to honor our lifetime love affair with the crunchy, juicy, and tasty fried chicken, July 7 has been observed as the National Fried Chicken Day.

Whether you prefer white or dark meat or just in it for the wings, there is always something for everyone to enjoy when it comes to fried chicken. To help you with your fried chicken fiesta today, we’ve rounded up the best deals and eats you should check out for your party. Because as American TV personality Paula Deen said, “You can never go wrong by showing up at the dinner table with a hot plate of fried chicken.”

Tom Sawyer’s Fried Chicken

Channel the adventurous spirit of literary character Tom Sawyer by exploring the gastronomic goodness of classic Southern style fried chicken with a serving of cornbread and mac ‘n cheese on the side.

Ministop Philippines

A true fried chicken fanatic knows where to get the biggest and best-tasting chicken around the metro, one of those food spots is Ministop. The convenience store goes all out with its fried chicken celebration with a promo that lasts until July 20 with Uncle John’s fried chicken.

Bird Boss

If you want your fried chicken in a bun, Bird Boss’ chicken sandwich will definitely satisfy your craving. Head on to The Podium and have the best fried chicken sesh with a bottle of Happy Hour ice cold lager to pair with your thicc sandwich.

Tipple Cafe/Tipple and Slaw

A food destination in Quezon City, Tipple and Slaw Katipunan serves up your favorite fried chicken, whether fresh from the fryers to a delectable sandwich, with 10 percent off of the price.


A classic fried chicken with a twist, Popeyes’ Spicy Chicken will sure fire up your Fried Chicken Day banquet with its Cajun flavors. Be sure to have your drink at reach because it’s promising to give you a fried chicken that is definitely hot!

Max’s Restaurant

Something for the whole family, Max’s Restaurant’s whole fried chicken is the dining table centerpiece you need today. A bonus, it costs P299 for today only!


While Jollibee’s signature fried chicken is the go-to meal of many Filipinos and even diners all over the world, the fast food brand also shakes things up, this time, by merging contrasting taste profiles with its new Sweet Chili Chicken.

So, how are you celebrating National Fried Chicken Day?

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