The capsule is now available at Futurist’s Futur:Capsule

Pieces from “Wicked” collection

Dreamy, whimsical, and full of fantasy, that’s how style savvy individuals would describe the works of Filipino designer Sassa Jimenez. Every collection is like opening a fairy tale where one is taken to new worlds by her pieces featuring her delicate tulle work, chic embellishments, and dynamic silhouettes, among others. Although her creations are made with a retro and nostalgic vibe, they are truly modern and contemporary thanks to her unique designer touch.

But just like a perfect bedtime story, things take an interesting turn when the hero steps into the darker side of things. In Sassa’s case, this design exploration brings out her new creative side with pieces that are beautiful, they’re wickedly good.

Sassa Jimenez (Photo from her Instagram account)

Exploring the darkness within

With her latest collection aptly titled “Wicked” exclusive for Poblacion’s party spot Futurist, the designer channels the vibe of the space and produces looks that are darker and mischievous and playful at the same time.

“I’m so used to making things in bright, pastel colors that usually makes the collection look really sweet but this collection is a little sexier but also has a sense of humor injected into it,” Sassa tells Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “I like that there’s something tiny that can make you smile when you look at the garment up close. It took us about a month to create everything in the collection.”

Available at the bar’s Futur:Capsule happening until Saturday, July 17, 2021, the “Wicked” collection is composed of pieces such as a dress with studs shaped like spoons, cobs of corn, peace signs. Mixing devilish charm with heritage spirit is the collection’s sheer modern Filipiniana-like top. A perfect compliment to the pieces is the collection’s star-studded purse in a galaxy-like print.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Sassa’s pandemic story wasn’t different from other creatives, which was filled with the sense of being lost and reassessed. But to keep her namesake brand afloat and running, the designer and her team took on a different approach when it comes to their garment creation and produce a ready-to-wear line.

“It’s kept me busy and I honestly would not have been able to survive without my two assistants, Rosh and Rachel; and the dedication of my sewing team that are still churning out clothes while we’re on a WFH set-up,” she recalls. “It’s been a humbling process and there’s still so much for me to learn.”

As we are about to see our post-pandemic world with vaccinations happening in the Philippines, the FIDM alumna envisions a local fashion ecosystem “that is smarter, more mindful about the choices we make.”

“I feel proud because during the pandemic, I saw that a lot of local brands have been getting the support and recognition they so deserve,” Sassa muses. “I’m really excited for the next generation of young designers; they keep our industry alive.”

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