Unlike smartphones that have significantly become necessary for the public to remain connected throughout the day, smartwatches are still relatively a luxury for some people. Among the tech brands that challenge this situation is realme. By offering features and functions found previously on high-end and expensive smartwatches through affordable yet capable ones, realme makes smart connectivity more accessible to tech consumers.

The latest addition to realme’s growing arsenal of smart devices is the realme Watch 2. Launched on July 6, 2021, it’s positioned to be an all-around daily tech buddy that’ll help users stay active and productive. Here are its top five features as observed from a five-day real-life usage.

The new realme Watch 2 is about to make smart connectivity more accessible to tech consumers

Sleek and chic

The minimalist yet eye-catching design of the realme Watch 2 appeals to all kinds of users and complements any outfit. Its watch face comes in a square form with rounded edges giving it a premium look. The realme Watch 2 dons a black strap that’s interchangeable with different band colors separately sold out of the box. Etched on the rubber band of the realme Watch 2 are the words “Dare to leap,” realme’s brand slogan.

“Dare to leap” with realme Watch 2’s sleek style and smart connectivity

Although the realme Watch 2 veers away from being an almost bezel-less smartwatch, the frame around its display itself isn’t distracting. Its 1.4-inch high-resolution touchscreen showcases rich colors and outstanding detail clarity. Navigating through the realme Watch 2 through taps and swipes also brings a seamless experience as its screen moves fluidly.

Unlike other smartwatches in the market under the same price segment as the realme Watch 2, this device offers flexibility in screen customization. There’s a wide variety of watch face designs on the realme Link app to choose from, and users can select an image from their smartphone’s gallery as the watch’s wallpaper.

Moreover, the realme Watch 2 exudes a smooth, unibody look translated to comfortability. Even when users never take off the smartwatch the entire day, it doesn’t give a heavy feeling to the wrist as it weighs only 38g.

Long battery life

Extensive battery life is essential for smartwatches. Imagine users investing hard-earned money on a smartwatch that they expect to accompany them throughout a busy workday and an intense workout only for the device to run out of juice without lasting a couple of days? With the realme Watch 2, this isn’t a problem.

realme claims that the realme Watch 2 can last up to 12 days on a single charge with its power-saving mode activated. Even with just 37 percent of battery life, this device can last up to four days.

The realme Watch 2 uses a circular magnetic USB charger included in its package for charging. Based on an actual user test, the realme Watch 2 can equate a 15-minute charging time to 16 percent battery life, 30 minutes to 46 percent, and 1 hour and 42 minutes to 100 percent. An almost two-hour waiting time to recharge the realme Watch 2 completely might seem a stretch for some, but this smartwatch’s 12-day battery life is more than what users would bargain for.

No-fuss setup

For a smartwatch to work properly, it needs these mandatories: it should be connected to the internet, and the smartphone linked to the smartwatch should also have internet access. Lastly, the smartphone and the smartwatch should be paired via a stable Bluetooth connection.

The realme Watch 2 deviates from this complicated approach without compromising performance quality. As long as the smartphone linked to the realme Watch 2 has an internet connection, users’ seamless experience is assured, whether regarding daily use or installing software updates on the smartwatch.

Setting up the realme Watch 2 is also a walk in the park. Upon powering up the device, users just need to download the realme Link app via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, sign up for an account using either an email address or a phone number, then connect the realme Watch 2 to a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Smart functions

Ask around why consumers buy a smartwatch, and they’ll likely tell you they’re after its intelligent features. A smartwatch like the realme Watch 2 with a plethora of innovative functions helps manage day-to-day tasks effectively and efficiently, that once one gets a taste of it, there’s no looking back.

For example, users can count on the realme Watch 2 to remind them about essential tasks of the day and prompt them in real-time so they won’t miss any messages, calls, and even email and social media notifications.

What’s also a plus point for the realme Watch 2 is how it easily integrates music controls. Unlike others that require a separate music app to be downloaded on the smartwatch itself — which entails a tedious process — the realme Watch 2 has a built-in music app. In addition, it automatically connects to Spotify and YouTube so users can adjust the volume, pause, play, and skip between one song or video to another even without the use of their smartphones.

The realme Watch 2 also has a camera control feature that allows users to utilize the smartwatch as the shutter when capturing images and videos and a Find My Phone function that instantly rings the linked smartphone when activated.

And since smart connectivity is the way to go, the realme Watch 2 can also serve as a controller for other realmeAIoT devices like Bluetooth speakers, true wireless earphones, plugs and sockets, home appliances, and others.

Health features

The straightforward user interface of the realme Watch 2 highlights its health features. With just a few swipes and in just one glance, users can see significant health- and workout-related information like the number of steps, running count of burned calories, the total number of active minutes, real-time heart rate, and hours of sleep. Details shown on the smartwatch are also strategically presented on the dashboard of the realme Link app.

Apart from its capability to accurately monitor blood oxygen and sleep quality in real-time, the realme Watch 2 reminds users to move and stretch when they’ve been sedentary for longer hours and to drink water. It also has reminders for low and high heart rates.

On top of these, the realme Watch 2 can automatically and intelligently track and record up to 90 sports modes, including common ones like indoor and outdoor walk, dancing, yoga, indoor and outdoor cycling, table tennis, and basketball to extreme activities like rowing, strength training, and hiking. The realme Watch 2 also allows users to focus on exercising and not worry about damaging the smartwatch since its durable and IP68-rated water-resistant.

The realme Watch 2 is every health buff’s dream come true with its sports modes and health features

All of these features and functions are priced at only P2,990. The realme Watch 2 is available on the official Shopee and Lazada stores of realme. For more information, visit https://ift.tt/2Oih0EF.

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