As the world recuperates from the effects of the global health pandemic, there is a need to adapt to the new norm of traveling with technology that will keep us connected, healthy, and on the go.

Use a digital wallet
Cashless payment is safer. Filipinos are now fully embracing cashless payments as more digital wallet apps are being introduced in the market because businesses have started the shift to digital payment options. This technology is a must-have for every Pinoy traveler.

Invest on a smartwatch
During the pandemic, more people became more health conscious. It’s best to own a smartwatch today as you can monitor your calories, blood pressure, sleep pattern, heart rate, and even oxygen level. Most of these medical health monitoring terms became popular at the height of COVID infections worldwide. The good news is there are now plenty of affordable and trendy smartwatches in the market you can choose based on your lifestyle.

Download a virtual consultation app
Hospitals are our comfort zone whenever we feel unwell. Things, however, changed when the pandemic came as we all became hesitant because healthcare facilities are jampacked with COVID-infected patients. Well, worry no more as there are plenty of apps you can use to have a virtual consultation with various doctors in different disciplines — giving you peace of mind while traveling. It’s like bringing your own personal doctor, who is accessible via a few taps on your phone.

Buy on booking apps
It’s probably not a good idea while still in this global pandemic to be in crowded places like markets or mass public transport. So it’s best for Pinoy travelers to download booking apps for food, medicine, hotel, transportation, and even tours. These apps make it safer and convenient for travelers so they don’t have to queue and being unknowingly exposed out there.

More than these technological travel needs, it’s still best to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and practice all safety health protocols. Let’s make this world safer again for travel!

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