Mom-of-two Patty Laurel prepared an intimate birthday celebration for their eldest son Theo. He turns six years old today.

(Patty Laurel)

With beautiful and colorful Pokemon balloons, even Theo wore a Pikachu-printed shirt. With an album of fun photos, she included a heartfelt post from the mommy in her, “Theo, you are six! That means you are a step closer towards your real mental age of 65.” She laughed.

“Happy Birthday to my darling boy who is so wise beyond his years, who always speaks from the heart, blessed with an old soul and a playful spirit, generous with his thoughtful words and hearty laughs, so easy to please, game for anything and always up for the challenge, my empath who feels so much for others, who always believes in the good in people, always so considerate and so quick to forgive, gifted with humor and comedic timing, a hardcore hugger and cuddler, a joyful eater, a cool nerd, the sweetest boy! We love you so much!”

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