They will be back very soon.

With IKEA PH working on making sure that the link is back up and running before the day ends, this global home furnishing chain releases their official statement from Georg Platzer, store manager of South East.

IKEA PH family site crashes on its first hour

“We are both humbled and surprised by the surge of visitors to our IKEA Family Website. We are very sorry that we did not anticipate this outpouring of support from the Philippines and so we have been having technical problems with our website. We were prepared for a total of 120,000 sign ups an hour, but as early as 12 midnight, we already had more than 100,000 accessing the site during the first minute. Last night was a great learning for us. We have been preparing for the Philippines for a couple of years now and we are continuously learning, and will continuously improve our preparation. Rest assured that our team is hard at work to resolve the issue and the site will be back up again. In the meantime, we ask for your patience cannot wait to welcome everyone to the IKEA Family.”

*IKEA Family membership will remain to be free from today moving forward. They will provide updates in our social media pages.

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