We know that there will always be toys for the big boys, but what if they might have gone a bit too far? Last June 25, gun manufacturer based in Utah, USA, Culper Precision, launched their Block 19 prototype that brings back childhood memories. “Yes, you can actually build Legos onto it,” the post said.


While it may be cool for the big boys to reimagine their guns as Lego toy guns, American organization Moms Demand Action released a statement last July 13 on their thoughts about this. Stating that they, together with Everytown, put pressure on the Lego company regarding this matter. This has pushed Lego to send a cease and desist letter to Cupler Precision, leaving them no choice but to put a hold on the selling of this Lego X Block 19 gun.

According to Washington Post article, Moms Demand Action found Shannon Watts thought that responsible gun owners would be appalled by the thought of this. But president of Culper Brandon Scott defended that he has children who play with Legos and makes sure to keep all his guns locked up, which is what he expects of every gun owner to do.

But Lego has made the decision, and Culper has stopped selling the guns—only selling less than 20 units. They also released a statement last July 14, “It has long been the expectation of the firearm community that each of us as responsible owners of firearms take measures to secure our firearms from ANY unauthorized person. While we are never in support of legislating personal responsibility, we understand that many municipalities have current laws in place to penalize or hold responsible those who fail to secure their firearms and allow unauthorized access to a firearm by juveniles or any other prohibited person. We would remind everyone that failing to secure a firearm of ANY color from unauthorized persons is irresponsible. There are many solutions for balancing safety and readiness for under USD100 all over the marketplace.”

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/07/16/parents-beware-theres-a-real-gun-made-to-look-like-a-lego-toy/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=parents-beware-theres-a-real-gun-made-to-look-like-a-lego-toy)