It really isn’t easy

Breastfeeding advocate Jennica Garcia posted a photo of a mom having difficulty breastfeeding her newborn baby, “I remember receiving so much hate for saying the truth on how I successfully breastfed my first child, but I am sharing it again because, Mommy, I know how painful it is. I know how difficult it is for first time Mamas to breastfeed! I was reminded when I saw this video on Facebook at nakakagigil ang ‘haha’ reactions, sa totoo lang.”

She recommended Medela nipple shield, saying that it’s best to go to the physical store to make sure it fits well. “I used the shield for six months. After six months, I managed to breastfeed without it already because the pain became bearable at naging manhid na ang nipples from the pain. If it weren’t for the shield, I wouldn’t have breastfed Mori for three straight years then tandem fed (meaning Mori breastfeeds on my left breast then Alessi on my right) on the fourth year kasi hindi ko talaga kaya yung pain.”

She also recommends getting help from lactation nurses, but if there are still no results, “hinga ng malalim.” The mom-of-two reassures her mommy readers that they tried their best. This doesn’t mean that you’re a bad mom. “Your hormones, physical, spiritual and emotional states, lahat yan can be factors that can lead to Postpartum Depression, and we all do not want that because it is real and very common regardless sa sinasabi ng iba na pag iinarte lang yun.” She ends by remind her readers that we all have different levels of pain tolerance.

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