It’s just a click away!

With COVID-19 dictating how we live our lives today, and work-from-home taking up a lot of our time, we must not forget to take care of ourselves now more than ever. Stress, lack of sleep, endless worrying can all contribute to us getting sick, so it is very important that we take our vitamins and supplements on a regular basis.

Lessening our time spent outside doesn’t give us an excuse not to take care of ourselves and our whole family. Thanks to the Internet and the advancement of technology, we can. And one such start-up company that pulled through for the Filipino people the past few months is Mediclick. This one-click online Philippine pharmacy was born out of the founders’ frustrations of purchasing medicines online. Addressing the many issues involved in online transactions, Mediclick gives it all through their website with a easy-to-maneuver site with categories of Multivitamins, Pain/Fever Care, Cough and Colds Care, Asthma Care, Allergy Care, Diabetes Care, Sleep Care, Blood Pressure Care, Cholesterol Care to choose from.

Essential goods during epidemic – prevention and protection of coronavirus spreading. Protect respiratory system against pneumonia, COVID-19. Sanitizers, face mask, gloves, pills on the table.

And if you are purchasing prescription medicines, Mediclick has thought through it as well, making it easy for their customers. Their customer service representative will send an e-mail out after purchasing to request for a copy of the prescription. Your orders will be prepared and delivered once verified, as fast as next day delivery, too! They also boast of 100 percent authenticity when it comes to the products they carry.

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