And some tips on how to do it properly

Due to the COVID-19 scare, face to face physical activities have been limited. But for the case of a mom and a new born baby, now more than ever, mommies are encouraged to practice touch therapy with their little ones. 

In an exclusive interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Erickson A. Feliciano, national president of Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines (MCNAP), explains what is touch therapy and why it is vital for a mom and her new born baby to do this regularly. 

Erickson A. Feliciano

Touch therapy and its benefits
“In general, touch therapy is a therapeutic in which the therapist physically touches the subject in a specific way. It includes reflexology and various forms of massage,” he explains. “But in the context of newborn and baby care, touch therapies have been seen or practiced in the form of infant massage.” 

This might look as a simple activity between mom and her baby, but this actually offers a lot of benefits, especially, for the overall health of an infant. “When we do infant massage regularly and properly, it provides a whole lot of benefits, for the growth and development of the baby,” Erickson says. “Some of these are first, it helps improve and strengthen the baby’s immunity. Touch therapy also promotes sound sleep or longer sleep, and improved sleep wake cycle of the baby.” 

He also says that this also strengthens the bonding between the mom and her little one. “It helps regulate the baby’s digestive, respiratory, and a circulatory system. It also improves or enhances neuro-motor development,” he says. “And, of course, most importantly, it promotes bonding and communication between the mom and the baby.”

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How to do it properly?
Erickson then give tips on how to properly do this therapeutic infant massage. According to him, MCNAP, highly recommends using Johnson’s Cottontouch products because those are clinically proven safe for infant. These includes baby oil, top to toe wash, and body lotion.

“Johnson’s cottontouch face and body lotion and the baby oil can be used to give babies a soothing and relaxing infant massage, on top of it keeping the baby’s skin moisturize,” he says. 

MAGICAL TOUCH Touch therapy is bot only beneficial to the baby’s health but also promotes bonding between mom and her baby (Unsplash)

He also adds that mommies can also applied touch therapy during bath time, but it’s important to keep in mind to limit the bath time to 15 minutes. “Keep the baby’s bath to five to 15 minutes to prevent babies from getting or feeling cold,” he says. “Warm water should be used and must be carefully scope on the baby’s body to regulate their temperature.” 

When doing the massage, Erickson emphasized the importance of following the path of body circulation. “These should be from the center to outer extremities to promote circulation,” he says. “And we also encouraged that you talk with your baby because this will be a form of communication.” 

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