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Kultura’s Modern Filipiniana collection

Gone are the days of big and fat celebrations, well, at least during this pandemic time. These days, no matter what the occasion is, Filipinos and everyone around the world are finding beauty in events that are more intimate. That is why dressing up these days for special gatherings also calls for an elegant and dignified dress code without too many bells and whistles. And the best way to achieve that is by donning our very own Filipiniana.

Thanks to local artisans and fashion designers, the Filipiniana gets a modern makeover without losing its essence and spirit, maintaining its classic silhouettes and the heritage that goes into its threads. Want to wear Filipiniana on your next get-togethers and soirees? Here are some of our style tips that will help you celebrate the beauty of the country’s traditional wears without looking dated.

This handwoven cropped Inabel terno worn with ivory shantung silk pants is an elegant yet playful option from Kultura’s Modern Filipiniana collection.

Opt the crop

Terno pieces are a must-wear due to their class and sophistication. But with such architectural sleeves, some may find it hard to create a well-proportioned look. To easily don the butterfly sleeve without messing up your body shape, opt for pieces that have them in cropped style. Cropped terno tops allow you to create a cinched waist silhouette. Plus, they offer a tasteful way to show some skin.

Feminine hand painted silk cocoon barong top with puffed sleeves and is paired with a navy mikado silk ball gown skirt

Play with contrast

Filipinianas are often tinted with dreamy pastels and adorned with floral embroideries. To elevate the style, play them up with contrasting aesthetics. Channel a his-and-her vibe by going with feminine barong, matching flowy jusi blouses with cigarette pants, or edge up delicate pieces with sleek metallic accessories.

Delightful hand-painted and hand embroidered floral accents highlight this white organza dress

Go artsy

Filipinianas are vessels of local art and heritage. So, taking an artful approach on how to wear them is just natural. Playful inabel terno tops with pineapple designs redefines tropic style while natural materials like piña silk and jusi are woven by local artisans into stylish pieces with exquisite hand painting and embroidery.

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