It’s super easy!

Stills from Joshua Weissman’s Tiktok post

Weeks after the release of McDonald’s collaboration meal with K-Pop boy band BTS, we bet some have already moved on about the food craze. But if you’re among the ARMYs that still gush over BTS Meal packaging creations—robots, toys, accessories, and more—you might want to try this food DIY.

Food blogger and Tiktok user Joshua Weissman shares his recipe on how you can recreate the fan favorite Cajun sauce. While the sauce in the meal set is hailed from the kitchens of McDonald’s in South Korea, its roots go way back in history and is a famous product of Louisiana’s Cajun cuisine.

Thanks to its mildly spicy, mustard-like quality, the Cajun sauce is the perfect dip for many kinds of dishes, even a dressing for tacos and sandwiches, and not just for nuggets.

Take your dipping pleasure to another level and watch how you could easily make your own Cajun sauce here.

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