Loewe presents two bags you want to carry next season—the supersized XL and the nano clutch

Presented at the recent fall/winter 2021 collection, Jonathan Anderson’s latest additions to the Flamenco’s family tree see a play with scale taken to two extremes: the XL Flamenco clutch, large enough to be used as an overnight bag, and the distinctly tiny nano Flamenco clutch, small enough to be held in one palm. “I’ve always thought it had that energy to it, this idea of subtleness,” says Jonathan. “Blowing it up really showcases the nappa leather in its rawest and purest form.”

Spanning nearly half a meter wide, the XL Flamenco takes full advantage of the nappa’s softness in the way it collapses and folds upon itself when laid to rest. It is lined with herringbone cotton-canvas and features large top handles that allow it to be worn as a tote or hidden so the bag can be carried as an overdimensioned clutch. Zipped pockets add a practical touch to its roomy interior. Like the regular-sized Flamenco and the mini Flamenco that come in new colorways this season, the supersized Flamenco is available in black, burnt red, warm desert, and vintage khaki.

Coming in a palette of uplifting colors such as blossom, candy, mustard, rosemary, soft white, and vermillion, the nano clutch features many of the same design details as the XL, but at a much smaller scale—the bag itself is only 15 centimeters wide. It also offers a gold metal chain, so the bag can be slung over the shoulder. Both the XL and nano clutch feature the jaunty leather knots Jonathan introduced in 2014 to the Flamenco family, which cinch the top of the bags shut.

First conceived in 1984, the Flamenco takes its name from the gatherings and waves of a dress which the bag’s design emulates, an achievement made possible only by the nappa leather used in its construction. A soft, smooth leather that is uniquely breathable, Loewe’s nappa is characterized by its fine grain and delicate nature, a pliable leather so fine it can be treated like a fabric in the way it´s pleated, tucked, and stitched to create rounded shapes.

Exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. in the Philippines, Loewe is located at Shangri-La Plaza Mall East Wing. www.ssilife.com.ph

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/07/02/flight-of-the-flamenco/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=flight-of-the-flamenco)