What is it like to be a trans woman of color and model in the Big Apple? Ericson Davidson tells her story

Ericson Davidson (Photos from her Instagram account)

For many Filipinos, working overseas is among the essential steps in building a better life for them and the people they love. But for others, it is part of the journey in achieving a dream—to make a name for themselves and thrive in the big city. As inspirational as that sounds, making your way abroad comes with challenges to overcome. Of course, drama is needed from time to time to spice up a quest.

That couldn’t be more true in the case Filipino trans woman Ericson Davidson. Working as a non-binary model in a fashion capital like New York City is the goal for many fashion creatives. Though the city gave her the fulfillment of her dreams, it also made her realize a few things in life. Through a series of TikTok posts, Ericson gave a glimpse of her life as a woman of color and model working in the Big Apple.

“I have been sent to a total of six in-person castings, only one went through. [I have] several self-taped castings and none of them went through,” she says about her one-year work experience in New York. “The industry is not for everyone. I’m sorry for being upfront nor [discouraging to] aspiring models. But I’d rather have you focus on getting a full-time job and I guarantee to you [that] you’ll be happier.”

“In addition, the modeling industry is homophobic. If you aren’t cis or cis passing, your chance of getting booked is slim. Well, unless the brand needs to show diversity on their specific campaign,” Ericson continues.

In some of her TikTok posts, Ericson shares that prior to going to casting calls and go-sees, she sends out her CVs to companies due to unemployment. Although she told hard truths about penetrating the industry, her New York experience isn’t all that bad. Some of her fun moments include prancing on the hallway of her apartment to practice, getting attention for her sickening walk on the streets, having lunch at Bryant Park, and watching a free musical show on the way home.

See more of Ericson’s adventure in the concrete jungle @ericsondavidson on Tiktok.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/07/10/filipino-trans-model-in-new-york-gets-brutally-honest-about-her-experience/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=filipino-trans-model-in-new-york-gets-brutally-honest-about-her-experience)