“At the time, it was the center of the world,” says Fendi’s Kim Jones

Much like an open-air museum, Rome is a city that is teaming with history. While technology continues to reign the world today, its beautiful ruins, age-old coliseums, and awe-inspiring sculptures remind everyone of the world’s ancient charm, earning it the title of the Eternal City.

That is what Fendi celebrates with its latest fashion presentation. The Italian luxury house pays homage to the city by merging its old and new sensibilities in its autumn-winter 2021 couture collection. Led by English fashion designer Kim Jones, the collection showcased men’s and women’s pieces featuring mosaic designs, tailored suits, romantic silhouettes, and a celebration of texture and sheen thanks to delicate embroideries, recycled fur, and mother-of-pearl embellishments.

Photo from Fendi
Photo from Fendi
Photo from Fendi

To present Kim’s sophomore couture collection, the fashion house created a runway setup that is true to Rome’s majestic landscape and architecture, which makes a perfect backdrop for its fashion film. The stylish featurette is shot by Luca Guadagnino, the “Call Me By Your Name” director, and is inspired by Pasolini’s neorealism cinema, making it a true poetic visual experience.

“Rome is a fascinating city because it has so many pasts—and I was drawn to Pasolini because I have always been inspired by his vision of the world,” says Kim. “He is something of an outsider in Roman history, but one whose voice remains constant. I have long admired Luca’s work—and he is someone who, like Pasolini, touches on subjects which are relevant to now.”

Watch how ancient Rome meets modern style in Fendi’s autumn/winter 2021 couture showcase:

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