Here your chance to let your voice be heard

There are many spots in the metro where you can really dive into heritage and breathe in culture. One of these best spots is Intramuros. Walking along the streets of one of Manila’s oldest districts instantly gives you a glimpse of what the city used to be with its beautiful ruins, heritage churches, and art displays, whether they are inside the galleries or out in the streets. Unfortunately, that quick time travel experience is messed up by car honks and other vehicles going through its cobbled pathways.

Heneral Luna St. in Intramuros (Photo from Intramuros Administration Instagram page. Photo by Tristan Lugod)

As the Walled City welcomes families and visitors back to its sites, the Intramuros Administration (AI) is thinking of new ways to improve the tourist experience offered by the Manila spot. One of the things AI is considering is turning Heneral Luna into a pedestrian-only street.

“Pedestrian-only streets are streets or roads where motor vehicles are not allowed to enter or pass through,” AI posted. “In these streets, only walking, cycling, light electric vehicles, and pedicabs are allowed. Motor vehicle traffic is not permitted unless it is an emergency vehicle. Intramuros is considering assigning certain roads as pedestrian-only streets to improve mobility in the city.”

To get the beat of the people, AI is inviting everyone to answer a survey to see if people are up for it. And based on its post’s comment section, it seems like people want to see it happen.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Daphne OseƱa Paez agrees to it and believes that Intramuros should be walkable and safe saying, “It’s the best way to encourage a vibrant street life… Intramuros is best explored by walking, with [the] option to ride bikes or calesas.”

Another who commented on the possible Intramuros project is Pia Cayetano, who also mentioned the Safe Pathways bill that is sponsored by the Senate.

“It (the bill) includes slow streets which can block motor vehicles permanently or during certain hours and days depending on the needs of the community and the vision of the area,” the senator said.

What do you think about Intramuros’ latest initiative? Let your voice be heard by answering this survey.

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