A dispersion of individuality and personality through art

Ian Inoy and Pat Frades

Much like how art is made in multiple mediums, its creators are also products of different pathways of life. Though their works have a united goal—to bring beauty to the world and inspire others—getting there is a process unique to every artist.

That is what Art for Space Gallery’s latest exhibition is all about, the diverse and colorful life lived by artists. Dubbed as “Dispersion,” the exhibit presents the works of artists Ian Inoy and Pat Frades. And like a white light passing through a prism, their collections are wonderworlds filled with fantastic and joyful hues—a reflection of their respective journeys through life.

“We, as artists, are trained and honed into becoming a skillfully creative individual,” the two said in a statement. “Our identity, however, varies from one another as soon as we face challenges that evaluate our individual artistry.”

“Dispersion” highlights the creatives’ individuality, from their voices and how they work to their sense of artistry.

For Ian, the ability to create artworks that embody your presence and identity will only come into light once you’ve gone through challenges. He believes that an artistic expression and voice is created with numerous experimentations and trials. Exploration of materials by merging found objects and junk is his special way of expressing his identity. The use of such materials and methods have allowed the birth of his abstracted and heavily textured works.

Ian’s pieces

Quirky and eccentric, Pat believes that the discovery of style is endless. It’s the compilation of experiences, inspirations, and challenges that give birth to individual style. Using clay as her medium, she relishes the spontaneity of the process wherein her pieces are created without rules and boundaries. Her style elaborates a combination of colorful mushrooms and coral-like elements.

Pat’s artworks

“Proving that expressions as artists differ from one another, the two artists collaborated in creating an exhibition that shows uniqueness and exploration of materials,” Art for Space Gallery said. “Hoping to inspire other emerging and aspiring artists, this exhibition hopes to answer and expound the essence of questioning one’s uniqueness.”

“Dispersion” is now available for viewing. Visit @artforspaceph on Instagram for more details.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/07/09/artists-ian-inoy-and-pat-frades-welcome-everyone-to-their-technicolor-world-with-dispersion/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=artists-ian-inoy-and-pat-frades-welcome-everyone-to-their-technicolor-world-with-dispersion)