The lacto-ovo vegetarian menu includes two delicious sandwiches and a dessert

Photo from @AHomeKewk on Instagram

Whether it is something to pass time or a means for livelihood, home cooking has been a vital part of our pandemic living. Being creative in the kitchen became a form of therapy to some. While for others, they found success as business leaders with family special recipes.

A testament to that is @AHomeKewk, an Instagram account dedicated to the home kewk (cook) within all of us. Led by former magazine editor and publisher Bea Ledesma, @AHomeKewk presents home-kewked meals prepared by artists, fashion creatives, writers, photographers, among others, and Bea herself, with recipes posted so other home kewks can whip them up in their own kitchen.

“The IG @AHomeKewk is a homage to all the home kewking I’ve done over the past year and all the home cooks I admire,” Bea says. “I love a good restaurant meal (I love, love, love it), but I also enjoy seeing people’s process when cooking at home, how they put together a meal, the ingredients they love and the food they return to.”

To further celebrate the power of at-home culinary works, A Home Kewk is holding its first pop-up on July 17, 2021, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. beside Toyo Panaderya, The Alley at Karrivin. The pop-up will be an outdoor dining experience featuring lacto-ovo vegetarian dishes. The menu is composed of two sandwiches and a totally vegan dessert.

“The idea behind this first foray is to try to make the things I love making and eating,” she says about the menu. “I don’t have a background in food. My only background is eating.”

First up is the Happy Egg Sando (P450), which is made of eggs, kewpie, celery, onion, dill, celery salt with cucumbers sandwiched inside Toyo Panaderya’s leche pan and a side of blistered shishito peppers.

“I’ve been making various iterations of this egg sando, and this version—using fresh organic brown eggs with the yellowest yolk you ever see and my hero herbs—is one of my favorites,” Bea muses.

Echoing her childhood love affair to a fast food staple is the Very Veggie Burger (P400). Emphasis on the word “very,” this burger “isn’t pretending to be meat.” It is made of veggie patty, housemade ranch, onions, and pickled gherkins on a potato bun with a side of blistered shishito peppers.

“This ‘veggie good for you’ patty (lol) is made with banana heart, moringa, cashews, and 2398457 secret spices. The cashews give it heft and a meaty bite, the banana heart gives it body. And the malunggay? I just like its mild vegetal notes. Plus, it’s great for you. (Good source of potassium, calcium and vitamin C),” Bea says. “There should be a place for veggie burgers (not just *my* veggie burger) in our lives! Welcome to the age of the veggie burger! It’s about time!”

Ending on a sweet note, the curated menu is also serving Coconut Granita (P100), two scoops of coconut water and coconut milk granita.

Dine-in customers will enjoy their sandwiches served on banana leaves. Two dishes are also up for takeaway and will be packed in a box. The vegan dessert should be consumed immediately, so it is not ideal for delivery or pick-up.

“I look forward to the day I can have friends over again and gather around a table, my dogs sleeping underneath, with overflowing drinks as I serve dishes I prepared based on my mood that day.” Bea says. “But until then, I have this IG to tide me over.”

Looks like that’s all about to change starting this weekend!

Visit @AHomeKewk on Instagram for more details and home kewk recipes. Sign up here for pre-orders.

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