How does celebrity actor Jestoni Alarcon look like now?

Though this trend of sharing old photos of their parents started last year, it trended again last month for Pinoy TikTokers. Well, remember Jestoni Alarcon from the ’90s? His daughter Jessica posted last month a compilation of photos of her dad in her TikTok account.

Another one, Killa Kush (a.k.a. Acushla Obusan) shared that her dad told her that he was a model/celebrity back then. She posted photos as well with the caption, “This is for all of my dad’s thirsty supporters.”


this is for all of my dad’s thirsty supporters 😂😂 #fyp #viral #trending #philippines

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These videos just proved that dads were once cool, and can still be cool, if their kids just open their minds to that possibility.

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