We are wearing these true dependable kicks

Get to higher grounds with Merrell’s latest offering

During my younger years, I was never a fan of sporty sneakers. Maybe it is because of their bulky frame and I don’t want to see my feet get any bigger or they are just not that stylish. While many athleisure brands are investing in making their footwear more fashionable, I always see them as the pieces that put function first and compromise on the design. If I could have it my way, which I did, I’d wear canvas sneakers during physical education class. But after a series of badminton games, my feet were suffering from blisters and pinched toes, literally giving out blood, sweat, and tears for fashion’s sake.

But what I failed to see then is that as much as my preferred kicks look good on my feet, just like a prisoner’s shackle, they are holding me back on so many things. And as years passed, those sneakers I hated then became my dependable partner as I made my way as a young professional in the metro or the outdoors for adventure.

That’s the vision of Merrell, one of the leading outdoor performance and lifestyle brands, to give people something that will not only help them take a step further in life, but also to places where they have never been before, whether it is through rough terrains or the bustling city.

For 40 years, that has been the goal of the brand and it will continue to be the same for the years to come. Ensuring that is Merrell Future 40 with a line that merges a light and athletic design with the unparalleled outdoor functionality, the Nova 2 collection.

Challenging you to go places other sneakers can’t bring you, the Nova 2 collection is a line of two lightweight models equipped with hiker-like durability to conquer your outdoor adventures, from hiking to running and other sports that call for your endurance and maximum physical performance.

Sleek and fit for the city and outdoors is the low-cut Nova 2. Coming in black and brick, the piece is described as “a true hero shoe of today,” with its style and cushioned interior. Sliding into it makes your feet feel at home, even if you’re going out for a mile-long run or for an easy stroll. Its understated design makes it easy to inject in your everyday wardrobe or your gym ‘fits. For a splash of color, the brick one will definitely attract the right attention.

Nova 2 low-cut shoes

For tougher conditions and hikes, the Nova 2 mid waterproof shoes are the ones to don. Available in black and brindle, the footwear’s mid-cut structure and cushioning around the ankles offer added support so you can take more steps, longer leaps, and charter even farther distances than before. They also feature the Vibram Megagrip outsole, which provides great floor traction for extreme activities.

Nova 2 mid waterproof shoes

Put your best foot forward with Merrell and go places your regular sneakers can’t. With these kicks on your feet, you’ll be confident enough to step further and embark on exciting journeys, wherever that may be.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/06/21/looking-for-sneakers-for-your-next-adventure-heres-what-we-recommend/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=looking-for-sneakers-for-your-next-adventure-heres-what-we-recommend)