Is it more on the spicy or the sweet side?

Jollibee’s Sweet Chili Chicken

Nothing beats Jollibee’s original recipe Chickenjoy. Its juicy meat, tasty coating, and crispy skin make the perfect formula for the ultimate comfort food that suits the Pinoy palate. While the signature fried chicken is the go-to meal of many Filipinos and even diners all over the world, the fast food brand has also introduced other fried chicken variants that put a twist on the classic. This time, it merges the contrasting taste profiles with its new Sweet Chili Chicken.

Launched on Independence Day weekend, the new fried chicken has everything diners love about the Chickenjoy only married with savory, spicy, and sweet flavors thanks to its special glaze.

“We know that Filipinos are always on the lookout for exciting new food experiences, and our new Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken is sure to hit the right spot for their sweet and spicy chicken cravings,” said Cathleen Capati, AVP for Jollibee’s Bestsellers category.

Haven’t tasted it yet? Here’s what the internet thinks of Jollibee’s latest offering.

Facebook user Rock Dauden described the experience as “love at first bite.” According to him, it is like munching on Korean Yangnyeom Chicken only made better as the sweet and chili experience goes deep to the fried chicken’s meat.

“The portion I got was pretty generous too and I normally don’t accept the breast part because it tends to be dry,” he posted. “But this one was moist and juicy, which I guess is because of that amazing sweet chili sauce.”

Despite its “mild hotness,” blogger Jessa Acosta finds the Sweet Chili Chickenjoy more on the spicy side based on her taste. “The kick of hotness almost borders my tolerance and it’s the type that lingers on the tongue and gives me a little sniffle,” she posted. “The sweet hints caress me a bit and make me want to go for another bite!”

Actor and chef Marvin Agustin says it has a great balance of sweet and spicy. “Hindi ako mahilig sa spicy food pero ang sarap nito! Kahit pawis na pawis ako, I finished them all (I’m not into spicy food but this one is delicious! Even though I’m sweating, I finished them all),” he said. “Sobrang nagustuhan ko ‘yung (I really like) Jollibee Sweet Chili Chicken, coated with sweet chili glaze, which gives it a perfect blend of sweet and spicy.”

Excited to try it for yourself? Jollibee’s Sweet Chili Chicken is now available for a limited time only. A one-piece order costs P89, while a four-piece box is priced at P320 and a six-piece box at P475. The new Chickenjoy will be available in Provincial Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao on July 2, 2021.

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