What’s up, Gen Z?

Raf (Rob Gomez) gatecrashing on Fiona’s (Alexa Miro) birthday

Since cinemas are still closed, movie watching takes a different turn with Erik Matti’s newest Generation Z romantic comedy, A Girl and A Guy, which began streaming on June 24, 2021 at https://upstream.ph/.

Casual sex, one-night stands, quickie sex, same-sex, name it all, the two-hour-and-six-minute film covers it all. We try to understand the mindset of two individuals, Fiona (Alexa Miri) and Raf (Rob Gomez), who got lost when their partners left them.

Alexa Miro is a daring new discovery

Since college, Fiona has been a supportive girlfriend to her aspiring filmmaker-boyfriend Gio (Rosh Barman). She has a sure career plan for him. Fiona wants to hear “I love you” from the insecure Gio, who wants out of the relationship.

Raf is a typical, chill guy who has no direction. He is always late for dinner with his control freak girlfriend, Trixie (Sarah Holmes). She reminds him to bring Hiro (dog) to the vet, pay the phone bill, and get a gift for his Mom’s birthday, all forgotten by our lead star.

Rob Gomez plays Raf, an advertising creative

Matti creates a device that turns the break-up into a violent, bloody encounter. If ever a crime was committed in their hearts, Fiona was “bitch-slapped by reality” and Raf was “stabbed in the heart” as stated in their card.

While on lunch break, Fiona cries alone while her officemate casually says, “Lalake lang yan,” which makes sense. She takes a leave and hides off to a beach and meets a foreigner, Diego (Emilio Francisco), who works for six months and travels for the rest of the year. The two clicked, even swimming in the nude. Fiona gets an invite to travel with him to Siargao but she chickens out and leaves the island alone.

_Sex precedes everything_ in A Girl and a Guy

Meanwhile, Mela (Candice Ramos), the cougar boss, turns Raf into her 24/7 lover. The excited pair makes out all over the workplace because it’s thrilling, their best kept secret. But good things don’t last as Mela goes back to her boyfriend and Raf is accused of a “rape” by a young assistant. He then loses his job to avoid the “workplace harassment” tag and company owner (Marina Benipayo) enlightens him with the question, “What do you want to do?” that wakes him up.

It is only after an hour of the film that we finally see Fiona and Raf in a longer screening time together. They had a brief “bump” scene in the beginning of the film, but in the scenes that follow, they are mostly on Tinder.

In Baguio, Fiona is celebrating her birthday. The now long-haired Raf offers her a drink that she literally “paid” for because it is her party, which Raf is only gatecrashing. Raf invites her to meet at a park to play with his dog and hope springs eternal.

The COVID-19 virus strikes the country (via a Stars War announcement) and the date does not push thru. Fiona gets engaged to a businessman while Raf gets a vegan girlfriend (Pau Benitez) who values a “no pre-marital sex” rule.

Fiona dreams of becoming a filmmaker with Raf secretly submitting her script to the Cinemalaya filmfest but her fiancé is against it because “Wala sa plano yun (It’s not in our plans).’

Both characters have learned from their past, numerous, tumultuous relationships and they continue to be a “work-in-progress.” Raf decides to leave his hometown and try his luck in Manila. While loading his luggage, Fiona arrives to hitch with him and they ride together against the city lights as background.

A Girl and a Guy poster

The screenplay is written by Anj Pessumal and Leovic Arceta. We will know from this film, as it streams, if “sex really sells.” So much nudity and so many pumping scenes, and sexy scenes in this R-18 film. Also, worth listening is the original movie soundtrack with “Mabuti Pa Sila,” performed by Mikey Amistoso, “Settled” by the Random Collective, “Tulog Na” by Ebe Dancel, “Home” by Reese Lansangan, “Kailan” performed by Yuzon, among others. Tickets are available P210 via


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