It will still be our favorite for the next 50

Last April 1, 2021, instant noodle brand, Original Nissin Cup Noodles, pranked noodle lovers all over the world with the supposed comeback of Cup O’ Noodles, its name not until the change in the ’90s. And hearing its first brand name sure brought a lot of memories to many.

This 2021, Nissin Foods is celebrating its 50th anniversary of innovating products and bringing happiness and comfort through food. After observing how Americans eat their noodles, founder Momofuku Ando gifted the world with the first instant ramen in a cup in the ’70s.

Locally, food giant Universal Robina helped Filipinos get their hands on the infamous instant noodles. Apart from the classic chicken, beef, and shrimp flavors, the Philippine distribution also came with other variants such as bulalo, batchoy, sotanghon chicken, and its latest, the cheesy seafood flavor. 

“We all have warm memories of Cup Noodles. Whether it was the first meal mom let you make by yourself, the food that got you through college, or your cozy go-to on a cold winter day, the iconic classic has meant a lot to our fans over the last 50 years,” the brand says. “To celebrate with them, we’ll be having contests, surprise giveaways and massive sweepstakes throughout the year. Join Nissin Foods for a year-long celebration of the most iconic noodles in the world—the one, the only, the Original Nissin Cup Noodles.”

We can’t wait to see more of its surprises!

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