Artists share their vision of the world through this new campaign

Bradley Zero Phillip is the founder of the UK-based multi-genre label Rhythm Section International

We now live in a different world. In our new world, the old rules do not apply. Life isn’t about petrol, or oil, or gas, anymore. It is about living in our own terms. “All you need, is who you are,” a resounding tagline from a commercial titled “All I Need” by Nigeria Hennessy. The ad is even timelier now than it was first released three years ago. 

The video was meant to inspire people to find their voice, to discover themselves through their craft, be their own artists, and to appreciate the freedom found in art. In a time of great crisis, such as the current pandemic, we use art to liberate ourselves.

Seizing the excitement and energy of artistic innovations, Maison Hennessy has partnered with creatives from around the world for their latest campaign “All I Need.” The project honors the cognac brand’s commitment to creative expression. 

The initiative is an ideal venue for showcasing talent and avant-garde creativity. The purpose is to bridge artists and consumers, for audiences to meet and appreciate some of this era’s most compelling artists and inventive influencers the French distillery calls “Hennessy’s Very Special Vanguard Society.”

‘Never stop. Never settle.’

This group of artists is designed to expand organically through all formats, giving a sense of movement to a dynamic, ever-evolving scene that epitomizes the Hennessy Very Special motto “Never Stop. Never Settle.”

Various creative talents and artists coming from all walks of life share a sense of self-determination, a game-changing approach, and a desire to shake up the system. Together, the collective represents the spirit of the brand.

Included in the list is Bradley Zero Phillip, the UK-based founder of the multi-genre label Rhythm Section International. The disc jock, broadcaster, and tastemaker is part of the founding team for Boiler Room, a livestreaming start-up that grew into a force in the global music industry. He currently runs the studio that serves as a platform for nurturing the next generation of musical talent.

Vietnamese street fashion designer Quang Minh

Vietnamese fashion designer Quang Minh who launched his street style label Headless in 2015 also joins the lineup. A brand that reflects his personal style, Headless combines underground influences, from hard rock to manga and anime, with unisex style. Quang Minh, a vocalist in the band Razor Leaf, continues to work in media.

As difficult as our time is now, art plays an important role in saving us from the social, economic, and health crisis. It is exactly the time when artists go to work and help in healing humanity. With the advocacy weaving a global tapestry of talent, engaging creative communities, and empowering artists, art prospers.

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