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If you’re reading this, it means you’re in dire need of help to dress up the table or do something fun for the family for Easter Sunday. Well, great news! We’ve compiled a list of ideas on how to decorate our favorite eggs. Here we go.

Good morning, sleepy heads!
Bring out the sharpie pens or even your regular markers and draw happy I-just-woke-up faces on your native eggs.

Bunnies on the table
While you’re at it, get some paper bags and cut the ends with into the shape of the rabbit’s ears and tie a ribbon under the ears. Use a black market to draw their eyes and nose, and you’re done!

Plant the eggs, watch them grow
Have clay, potting mix, seeds, egg molds (optional), non0toxic paint, and flowers lying around? Then, you can make seed bombs shaped into eggs and decorate them with fresh flowers.

Where the eggs bloom
Locally, we’ve stumbled upon a few moms who celebrated Easter earlier, like Lora Fornacier who came up with these beautiful eggs with pressed flowers. All you need is glue, brush, and fresh flowers. Tag her when you’re done and share ideas. Have fun!

The hunt for the egg surprise is on
Jac Lee Has of My Velveteen Rabbits hosted a fun scavenger hunt around their house with her children, but with each spot they found, it are with a surprise.

Egg-shaped cakes, anyone?
Homebaker and cook Candy Do does it again with her Asian-inspired dishes. This time, she came up with the cutest sponge cakes in the shape of eggs and placed them in half of the cracked egg shells. She topped it off with brown icing and drew adorable emojis on them. Absolutely witty!

Shoot the eggs
Nathalie Toh did a fun and easy activity with her daughter. All you need are six paper cups, washable paints in different hues (at least six), cardboard, shredded paper (optional), foam paper, black permanent marker, a pair of goggley eyes, glue gun, three plastic eggs, and paint brush.
Paint the cups in six different colors. Paint the cardboard green as this will serve as the grass, especially if you don’t have shredded paper. Use the foam paper to cut the bunny’s ears. nose, and feet, and paint them. Glue them on to a cup, and add the googgley eyes. Use the black permanent marker to draw whiskers and mouth on the cup. Glue all the cups together to form a triangle on the board.
You can also put corresponding points on each cup to make it more challenging. Shoot the plastic eggs on the paper cups to score points.

Enjoy and Happy Easter!

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