Marge Organo’s solo exhibition centers on her devotion to tinted glass and the Infant Jesus

Marge Organo’s ‘Sto. Niño I’ and ‘Sto. Niño VII’

Filipinos’ devotion to the Sto. Niño goes deep into the history of Catholicism in the Philippines. In fact, it is among the earliest religious artifacts that reached the country, dating back to 1521 when Ferdinand Magellan arrived at the shores of Cebu. Now, the holy image can be seen in every home and even in offices and other business establishments that wants to put Him in the center of their work. 

Much like these Filipinos, artist Marge Organo is also fascinated by the charm of the Sto. Niño. While studying Glass Casting at The Glassmaking School at Kamenicky Senov in Czech Republic, she had the most special encounter with the holy image when she visited the Church of Our Lady Victorious that houses the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague. 

This devotion to the Infant Jesus became the inspiration of Marge as she shares her artistic vision combined with piety, which resulted in immaculate sculptures depicting humility, candor, and innocence–important virtues of childhood.

In her latest exhibit, Marge merges her faith with her craft as she presents iterations of the Sto. Niño through tinted glass. Dubbed as “Core of Devotion,” the exhibit’s goal is to make us remember the role of the Infant Jesus in our lives, that “the child in all of us believes in the humanity and divinity of Christ and rejoices in God’s caring and protective love for us. The Infant reminds us that God is holding us in the palm of His hand.”

The glassworks feature the very recognizable robes of the Infant Jesus, which were inspired by Marge’s museum visit to the same church where the different costumes of the Infant Jesus were displayed in sealed glass cabinets. The Infant Jesus of Prague has changed many robes throughout the time, as it was often donated new dresses by kings, queens, and other significant figures in the world’s history, including a fully embroidered pineapple fiber dress from the Philippines by famous Filipino designer, the late Ben Farrales.

Core of Devotion,” A Marge Organo Solo Exhibition available for viewing until April 15 at the Galerie Joaquin Pop-Up Gallery, R1 Level, New Wing of Power Plant Mall, Makati City. Schedule a visit by contacting +63 917 5822115 or by sending an email to

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