Here are great deals from our favorite restos and food vendors, so let’s support them, and spoil mom, this Mother’s Day!

Celebrate Mother’s Day with these treats

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s a safe bet to say that beyond the gift-giving to mom, there’ll be a special meal, lunch or dinner, when the whole family will get together and celebrate the woman who, quite often, is the true rock and foundation of family life.

In theory, it’s mom’s special day, and I hope the moms reading this now, can just drop a big hint to their husbands and children, show them this article, and let them take care of the planning and ordering for this May 9th—you deserve to just relax on your day. If anything, the ongoing quarantine has made it easier to celebrate at home in a big way; as so many of our go-to eateries and specialty caterers/kitchens have gone online, with packages and deals that make delivery part of the whole caboodle.

Let’s take a look at what’s out there, beyond the usual pancit palabok and party food that have become traditional staples of most home and office celebrations. The restaurants we’d go to for special occasions have all been struggling, and need our support during this pandemic business downturn, their al fresco tables cover only so much of their operating expenses.

So in no particular order, and with a variety of price points, here are my food tips:

Nara Thai Cuisine Philippines

For authentic Thai food, I would have Nara as one of my top three most reliable here in Manila. They offer delivery, take-out, and curbside pick-up from Friday to Sundays, and are affiliated with GrabFood and SM Malls Online. Presently, its MegaMall Fashion Hall branch is handling deliveries within Metro Manila. Just like they did for Easter, there are family meals offerings that we can take advantage of.

Photo from Nara Thai Cuisine Philippines

Ramen Santouka Philippines

Here’s one of my go-to ramen restos, and they have a surprising variety of ramen options. Here’s a little secret, they also offer frozen pre-mixed ramen and side dishes you can cook at home, and I will vouch for the chicken karaage pack as there are 12 pieces of really yummy marinated karaage. Several branches to choose from and all offer delivery, take-out, and pick-up.

Photo from Ramen Santouka Philippines

Yabu, House of Katsu

Yabu has been a popular katsu choice for several years now; and it’s good to know that “Yabu at home” is just a GrabFood call away. Orders can be placed on Viber, and either a bank transfer or GCash will get us started. A good number of its Metro Manila branches are in on this initiative. Just think of the katsu, with the rice, cabbage with sesame sauce, and miso soup.

Photo from Yabu, House of Katsu

NawwTy’s kitchen

Here’s the one that specializes in luxe comfort food. Its soft shell crab paella, paella negra with aioli, its appetizers of scallops with sake butter, roast duck—this is the kind of food that justifies food photos being called food porn. Its packages may seem a tad more expensive, but the offerings are meals for several heads, and worth every centavo.

Photo from NawwTy’s kitchen

Bizu Catering Studio

Just imagine if you had Bizu’s 10-hour roast beef at home for Mother’s Day lunch! The roast beef set they offer includes salad of red cabbage slaw, shrimp kabobs, linguine with clams and chorizo, and corn elote. The set is good for five people. Then order one of its specialty cakes. That’s the whole meal taken care of with one call.

Photo from Bizu Catering Studio

Cibo di Marghi Signature Caterer

Do I have to mention the name Margarita Fores? Just look at the photo of the truffled chicken galantina set, which includes linguine with seafood ragu, fresh tomatoes, slivered garlic, and easily serves 10 people. Its caramelized camembert with cashews, figs, almonds, walnuts, and dried mango is visually, already a thing of beauty.

Photo from Cibo di Marghi Signature Caterer

Jade Express

This is one to head to if you want quality and affordable Chinese cuisine. They’re ready for delivery or pick-up, and the family portions should be ideal for dining with the family at home. It has three branches (Makati, QC, and Cainta), and are affiliated with GrabFood, Foodpanda, Beep It, and Facebook Messenger, when you need to order.

Photo from Jade Express

Wildflour Restaurant

Most of you reading this will be familiar with Wildflour and its offerings; so just wanted to mention that they’re offering Mother’s Day Baskets. My favorite hearty Wildflourburger, double patties with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and its special sauce, with French fries, would be perfect if getting together for merienda on Mother’s Day.

Photo from Wildflour Restaurant

Mother’s Day comes only once a year, so let’s do something special this year. More than what it is you’ll order for mom, it’s the effort to make her feel truly special. It’s now been a year and some two months that she’s had us in quarantine, leading the way, and being a guiding light to the family. Let her know how much we appreciate all that she’s doing.

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