Inspired by the golden hour over the Swiss Alps, La Prairie reveals the secret to a radiant complexion and inner glow  

THE GOLDEN HOUR The lofty summits of the Swiss Alps in gilded glory at dusk

For the latest of La Prairie’s breakthroughs, the Pure Gold Collection, nature, science, and stewardship of the environment came together both to unlock the mysteries of time and to advance their pursuit of timelessness.

At the center of this leap forward is the majestic golden hour over the Swiss Alps, when the sun prepares its descent, its rays stretching and sweeping across the undulating, snowy terrain and turning every peak and valley into resplendent gold. This golden hour is a transient moment, yet it is a fortune to catch everywhere around the world, especially among the lofty summits of the Alpine region.

LIQUID GOLD The Pure Gold Collection Radiance Concentrate

Science came in handy when La Prairie endeavored to recreate such radiance as a gift to the skin. The skincare brand has always sought the secrets of skin that seems lit from within, as if radiating an inner glow. Inspired by the imposing beauty of the Alps in the golden hour, the Swiss company turned to gold, a precious metal that, endowed with properties unique to itself, is able to withstand the vicissitudes of time. With its electrons absorbing energy-rich blue light and reflecting complementary yellow light, gold exudes a warm tone similar to that found on radiant skin. But the luster, as it is captured in La Prairie’s Pure Gold Collection, is not merely reflective, but also penetrative, allowing for the release of active ingredients into the skin in a time-controlled manner, providing a steady diffusion of actives to revitalize skin over the long term.  

ALL THAT GLISTENS The Pure Gold Collection Radiance Cream

Due to physiological changes, environmental conditions, and the passage of time, skin becomes fragile, thin, dry, rough, dull, and deficient in nutrients. It’s a vicious cycle: The more devitilized skin is, the less receptive it becomes to the nutrients it needs to repair and renew itself.

La Prairie embraces its responsibility to make the world a better, more beautiful place.

This is why La Prairie has developed the Pure Gold Diffusion System. In order to provide immediate radiance and sustained delivery of key replenishing ingredients to help compensate for the loss of receptiveness of the skin, the system works in this three-peak action sequence.

  1. Instant radiance is achieved by the immediate deposition of gold particles on the skin’s surface.
  2. The active replenishing ingredients of the gold particles just as immediately penetrate the skin deep enough to initiate skin nourishment and revitalization.
  3. A steady release of active ingredients penetrates even deeper into the skin in a delayed, time-controlled infusion, staying at optimal levels to enable long-term skin reconstruction.

To maximize the effect, begin your skin regimen with the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate, which is, in essence, liquid gold. Follow up with the hydrating and restorative Pure Gold Radiance Radiance Cream. For good measure, apply the Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream.

EYE OF GOLD The Pure Gold Collection Radiance Eye Cream

But your skin glow is not only the reason Pure Gold Collection is worth its weight in gold. In its pursuit of beauty, its continuing efforts to transcend the limits of time, and its commitment to luxury with a purpose or luxury with higher meaning, La Prairie has also partnered with ETH Zurich, a public research university in Zurich and one of the world’s leading forces in studying the effects of climate change. La Prairie has assumed the role of patron to glaciology research at the university. Already committed to support two groundbreaking ice monitoring initiatives among other ventures and projects, the long-term partnership is a big boost to the study of glacier behavior, the effect of climate change on glaciers, and the possible hazards associated with glacier gains and losses.

Because of these underlying missions and the vision behind it, the Pure Gold Collection is a timeless gift of beauty from La Prairie to the world.

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