She also named two dresses after her two grandmothers—sweet!

It’s been a wonderful year for new mama Tricia Gosingtian despite the ongoing pandemic because she’s has been taking care of her almost-one-year-old son Leo. But being a first-time mom didn’t stop her from adding more to her portfolio list, she just recently launch a collaboration with maternity clothing brand Elin this week.

Maternity fashion has come a long way, more so with breastfeeding dresses that have been very helpful for nursing moms. Tricia revealed that Elin’s Joey Dy let her lead this collection. “I designed it with different body types and postpartum bodies in mind. It was a rigorous process with the pandemic still looming. The virus works had, but Elin works harder. BME = Big. Momma. Energy.”

All their dresses are made with 100 percent woven cotton and come with hidden zippers and nursing access so you don’t need to bring with you a cover-up. Choose from an array of fabrics in plain, floral, and tartan.

This off-shoulder floral dress definitely makes you feel pretty while breastfeeding your bundle of joy. The added flap serves as your cover-up, too!

Tricia shares that this Milagros wrap dress is the best-fitting one in the collection.

Named after her paternal grandmother, this Nelly dress has hidden zippers on both sides for quick access when breastfeeding.

This one is named after her maternal grandmother Amelia.”I wore something similar to this dress when I rushed to the hospital after my water broke at 38 weeks. I wanted to immortalize it and share it with other mommas and mommas-to-be who prefer conservative mori girl styles like me. But you can also wear this even if you’re not a mom yet.”

Here are more swoon-worthy pieces to add to cart. So many to choose from, and we have to agree with Tricia, “The styles are all classic enough to be worn even if you’re not a mama.”

“We hope you love it as much as we enjoyed working on the collection. From bump, baby, and beyond. What a way to celebrate almost one year of exclusive breastfeeding.”

*Browse their collection here.

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