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Over the years, many innovations have happened in the field of fashion. While some took design to newer highs and push the creative envelope, others opted to create solutions for the industry’s negative impacts on nature. From creating couture out of waste to finding vegan leather alternatives, the next fashion frontier truly is all about producing sustainably made pieces and educating people and producers about the importance of circularity.

As an environmental advocate, Lyra Auce believes in the power of informing people about adapting a greener lifestyle. Traveling to different places, she has captured the beauty of the world through her camera and would love to make it last. And thanks to being a niece of the owners of eco-ethical lifestyle brand Siklo Pilipinas, this has helped her to understand how our fashion choices have direct effects on the environment.

In a now viral post, she shared how travelers can make a difference with their most dependable companion on the road, their bags. 

Lyra, in a conversation with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, talks about the beauty and benefits that come from her aunt and uncle’s bags made from discarded tires, and hopefully influences many to opt for more environment-friendly fashion. 

What is the story behind Siklo Pilipinas? Who are the people behind it and how long has it been operating?

Siklo Pilipinas was established by Clarice and Lyndon Ecuacion back in 2012. They are both bikepackers who love exploring the many different islands of the Philippines. Since island hopping requires getting on the boat and crossing waterways, and at the time, dry bags weren’t as available as they are now, they needed to think of other ways to protect their things from the harsh conditions of their rugged lifestyle. Tire inner tubes became their improvized solution. Since then, they started exploring the possibilities of the material, and its designs have evolved over the years.

Where does the brand source its materials for the bag?

The inner tubes and tires are sourced from various junk shops all over Metro Manila and all the way to Laguna.

Why is it important for the brand to use discarded tires for its products?

Tire garbage is a very serious environmental issue. It’s a major polluter and can last centuries just lying around in our landfills and oceans, which is harmful for wildlife and us humans over time because it contaminates the land and waters where our food comes from. Thus, keeping it away from our natural environment and repurposing it is a win-win solution for everyone. It has always been Siklo Pilipinas’ purpose to advocate an eco-ethical lifestyle. Since it’s conception, Siklo Pilipinas has upcycled tons of discarded inner tubes already.

During this time when there are constant threats from the pandemic and global pollution, why is it essential for people to reassess their fashion choices?

This pandemic is already enough proof of how unhealthy environments and lifestyle choices put us in an extremely difficult situation. Speaking for myself, as an environmental advocate, every choice we make for our lifestyle is essential to reassess because, one way or another, it affects/influences everyone around us. We live in one home, one Earth after all.

Shifting to an eco-conscious lifestyle is essential because it’s about giving nature its proper time to heal/replenish to be able to keep up in providing for our needs. Even we get stressed when others demand too much of us or take so much from us. We ourselves need breaks to keep functioning properly and nature needs that, too.

Shifting need not be perfect or difficult, just find aspects in your own life that you are able to compromise, fashion, food, household items, transportation, personal habits, or all together. For things, the idea is to maximize its use through recycling, initially buying high quality items, or supporting businesses who sustainably source their materials. If you truly want to lessen your own trash footprint, just don’t buy what you don’t really need. But let’s not forget the most important factor of all, the community must be provided by governing agencies and businesses (big or small) options or opportunities to make better and healthier choices, as well. It’s a responsibility where everyone is accountable.

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