Even different mobile games like Call of Duty, Mobile Legend, NBA 2K are among the most popular content on Facebook live gaming, streamer Seagal Pamanano thought of playing a classic water game toy on his live stream for a change. And believe it or not, his ring toss stunts garnered fifty thousand plus live viewers, likes, comments, and shares. Not to mention that it hit 1.5 million views after his live feed on April 11, 2021, 6-9:30 p.m.

Posted by Toyman gaming on Sunday, April 11, 2021

More than getting entertained, many viewers got nostalgic with the handheld water ring toss they used to play as a kid. Who would forget getting addicted shooting those tiny rings on the pins?  

Seagal, who’s also known for his nickname Toy, hence naming his page Toyman Gaming, started streaming Call of Duty last year when the lockdown began in March, but live gaming doesn’t work well in his favor. 

According to Seagal, most of the time, he himself is his only viewer even though he already has more than 300 followers. And he didn’t expect that playing his seven-year-old son’s toy online would multiply his followers. As of writing, he gained 7,800 followers from stacking those colorful rings.

“Tuwang tuwa na ako noong may 10 viewers, nagulat ako ng biglang naging libo. Gusto ko lang po talagang ipakita na buhay pa pala ang ganitong laruan at masarap pa rin laruin. (I was so happy when I had 10 viewers, but I was surprised when they became thousands. I just wanted to show that this toy still exists, and still, is fun to play),” Seagal told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle Online.

Indeed, this game that enhances eye-hand coordination is still appealing to all ages. No wonder that this 27-year-old gamer, who called his unique stream “Call of Spidey” because of the toy’s Spiderman design, didn’t mind playing for more than two hours. Equipped with thumb sleeves, he said that he could have played an hour more if the cell phone he had used for filming did not die on him. 

Many encouraged Seagal to continue what he is doing because he provides enjoyment that is although old school becomes unusual nowadays since almost everyone plays on their mobile gadgets. 

Reading the comments and hearing his reply is an additional boredom killer. They were those who were asking the specs of the device, what level is he already, his settings, and other stuff relating to mobile gaming that also he had fun replying to with witty answers. 

Seagal said that some supporters were able to send stars in the first hour, but he didn’t know why the star button suddenly disappeared. Nevertheless, he hopes that his new thousand followers will continue their support on his next streams.

The young family man is glad that besides starting a new job as a helper on a trucking service, he might be able to earn extra on his Facebook gaming content during these hard times.

Source: Manila Bulletin (https://mb.com.ph/2021/04/13/live-gaming-of-classic-handheld-toy-on-facebook-goes-viral/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=live-gaming-of-classic-handheld-toy-on-facebook-goes-viral)