Netflix and chill should be special and extra purposeful this time

Have you ever wondered why every year Catholics from all over the world devote time to observe one of the most tragic tales in history? Well, aside from the drama that comes with it, Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and death teaches us many lessons. Examples of these are the importance of loyalty, having faith in the most unlikely of times, the strength that comes from family bonds, and how to heal from the deep cuts that are caused by a loved ones’ demise. 

Apart from the Bible, these lessons are immortalized by a handful of movies depicting the life and times of the Messiah. Year after year, TV stations never fail to include these biblical tales, old and new, in their roster of Holy Week specials. While there isn’t anything wrong about re-witnessing the death of Jesus through reels, it is good to know that we are blessed with local and international movies that play with the aforementioned lessons through great storytelling, masterful filmmaking, and yes, more drama. 

If you’re tired of those movie cliches, we’ve scoured the vast media library of Netflix to give you some film recommendations to watch or rewatch this coming weekend. These films center on themes such as family, faith, and people’s spiritual relationship with themselves and the Divine. And as Pope Francis says, “Lent [is] a time for renewing faith, hope, and love,” and we wish these films will help you do just that. 

‘Life of Pi’

Based on Yann Martel’s best-selling novel, this coming-of-age tale recounts the journey of Pi, an Indian boy who is the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

‘Come Sunday’

A crisis of faith sets renowned fundamentalist preacher Carlton Pearson on a new spiritual path that jeopardizes everything he holds dear.

‘Eat Pray Love’

After deciding to reshape her life after divorce, Liz travels around the world in search of good food, spirituality, and true love.

‘Four Sisters and a Wedding’

Four sisters unite to stop their young brother’s pending nuptials upon meeting his fiancĂ©e’s demanding family, revealing long-simmering family issues.

‘Lola Igna’

An elderly woman finds her life disrupted when her family and village realize she has a chance at a world record for being the oldest grandmother alive.


When a man returns home to search for the reason behind the mysterious passing of his twin sister, he uncovers family secrets that nearly destroy him.

‘The Lovely Bones’

When 14-year-old Susie is murdered, she watches from above as her family deals with her tragic death and as her killer prepares to strike again.

‘Seven Sundays’

A dying father asks his busy and grown children to spend their Sundays with him, forcing his family to confront their issues before it’s too late.

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