Erwan Heussaff and Isabelle Daza

Support and love from Filipino artists to regular Juans continue to pour in to community quarantine all over the Philippines. The latest to show solidarity to the initiative (in discreet manner) is Erwan Heussaff.

In a post by Twitter user @juswatiyan revealed that the husband of actress Anne Curtis donated $2,000 to the community pantry initiated by AP Non.

“I just need to mention this celeb guy who silently supported this cause. Mabuhay ang mga organizers ng mga community pantries,” @juswatiyan says.

In the same thread, another Twitter user @PeaceeePH also expressed that actress Isabelle Daza sent help to the cause by donating $250. She even attached a message saying. “You are doing a great job.”

While all the help given to community pantries, no matter how big or small, deserve to be called out, netizens can’t help but commend the support given by these personalities, especially that they did it outside the media spotlight.

As of this writing, the AP Non’s Community Pantry PH fundraising has reached more than $20,000 mark, beating its expected goal.

“We call for help to provide support to organizers, volunteers and advocates of community pantries in the Philippines in response to the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” the account says.

Click here to donate to Community Pantry PH.

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