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The kids are done with all the Easter Egg kits you ordered? Or you were so busy that you forgot to plan for a day of fun-filled activities? Here’s a list of online printables that you can download for free—all in Easter theme. Try them all (we’ve listed them from the easiest to the most challenging level) and by the time you know it, it’s already dinner time.

Spy time
Fill out the missing blanks with the correct numbers. Count how many eggs there are per color. You can also spend a little more time describing the eggs, from its size to its print. You can also count all the eggs together or count them per color combination to teach them mathematics. Download from simpleplayideas.

On the hunt
Live in a condominium or don’t have a big enough space to play an actual egg hunt game? Then this printout is the solution to your dilemma. Aside from looking for all the eggs in the printed sheet, you can also do different versions such as searching for a specific colored egg, bunnies, and more. Get the file here.

Get out of the maze
One of the best ways to get kids used to facing problems and solving them is to present them with fun mazes to solve. Not only does it help brain development, it also provides an opportunity to practice handwriting movements and resiliency, too! Check this link to download artsymomma’s files.

Painting tips
Here’s a twist to your usual color-with-crayons activities. Why not try painting with cotton buds? The kids will surely be excited to see you bring out these materials. It’s a breath of fresh air to be using different coloring mediums and materials, too! Click here and here for artworks by

Make a card
Since we’re on ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine), why not make handmade cards to send to our loved ones? Or at least take a picture of it (even better if you’re holding it) and send them virtually to the people you care about? Just download this template and design the bunny. The only catch is you have to sign up for this site’s newsletter. Go to this thebestideasforkids.

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