Here’s to more cultural learning opportunities online

Online workshops and webinars have been essential throughout this pandemic. They take your mind off of stress, and foster creativity and productivity. Among the many virtual symposiums greatly attended online are related to arts and culture. From script-writing sessions and painting classes to film talks and heritage discussions, the pandemic has awakened Filipinos’ hunger for cultural knowledge.

To help create more cultural learning opportunities online, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) offers its newest initiative that will aid institutions to find the perfect resource person for future arts and culture webinars.

“The NCCA through the Technical Assistance Program can help you identify Resource Persons and Technical Experts to discuss topics related to Cultural Heritage,” the Commission says. “The NCCA Technical Assistance Program shall cover provision of resource persons for workshops, seminars, conferences, judges, and critics for arts competitions and festivals, and heritage conservation experts for cultural and historical sites, structures, and others.”

Not only will the Technical Assistance Program make learning culture online better and heritage virtual activities more meaningful, it can also minimize the expense made by schools, cultural organizations, and others as “the program can also cover the cost of honorarium of your preferred Resource Persons subject for approval of the NCCA.”

Requests may be sent online or by mail, with the following considerations:

1. Request letter should be addressed to: AL RYAN S. ALEJANDRE, DPA, Executive Director, National Commission for Culture and the Arts

2. Request should be sent one month prior to the actual event.

3. Each organization may request twice in a year.

4. The project/ activity duration shall not exceed three days.

5. Request for honorarium funding is limited to a maximum of four resource persons.

Know more about the Technical Assistance Program here.

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